Lula’s Planned Influence Network With The US Democrats Will Serve Liberal-Globalist Interests

The purpose of this incipient network is supposedly to champion so-called “progressive” causes, which is a euphemism for those liberal-globalist ones that the newly “woke” Workers’ Party and the US Democrats share. Judging by the latter’s track record, this will likely involve the aggressive propagation of non-traditional sexual orientations onto all members of society (including children), the demonization of their political opponents as “fascists”, the forced secularization of society, neo-segregation, and open borders, et al.

The Latest Disinformation Narrative About Lula’s Role In Global Affairs

Brazilian President Lula is being praised across the Alt-Media Community (AMC) for his financial multipolarity plans with China after recently agreeing to de-dollarize their trade and strongly criticizing that currency during his trip to the People’s Republic. These developments are being presented as supposed proof that he’s opposed to the US, but that’s a counterfactual claim as proven by his political alignment with it against Russia in the most geostrategically significant conflict since World War II.

Lula’s Political Alignment With The US Against Russia Over Ukraine

Lula condemned Russia in his joint statement with Biden, after which he ordered Brazil to support an anti-Russian UNGA Resolution. He then called Zelensky to reaffirm his support for Ukraine’s “territorialintegrity” per the demands set forth in the preceding resolution for Russia to fully and immediately withdraw from all the territory that Kiev claims as its own. Furthermore, Lula is still undecided over whether to deport a suspected spy back to Russia or extradite him to the US to face charges.

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These obviously aren’t the policies of someone who’s supposedly opposed to the US.

Exposing The Shallowness Of Lula’s Seemingly “Russian-Friendly” Rhetoric

Even so, Lula also threw a couple of curveballs regarding his approach to Russia by ordering Brazil to vote in support of investigating the Nord Stream attack at the UNSC. He then refused to have his country sign the “Declaration of the Summit for Democracy” on allegedly Russian-friendly pretexts. Around the same time, Lula dispatched his chief foreign policy advisor to Moscow for previously unreported talks, after which he suggested that maybe Russia could retain control of Crimea if it withdraws from other regions.

None of this was actually as it seemed, however, which was explained at length in these analyses:

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As can be seen, those events were just spun by his supporters to deflect from his US-aligned worldview.

Shedding Light On Lula’s Embrace Of The Liberal-Globalist Worldview

They’re waging a disinformation-driven Hybrid War to cover up for this “politically inconvenient” reality, which they believe discredits him in the eyes of his base and the AMC. To be sure, his de-dollarization plans with China show that Lula still retains some strategic autonomy vis-à-vis the US, but he nevertheless shares its ruling Democrats’ liberal-globalist worldview, which is at odds with Russia’s. The Brazilian leader was also enthusiastically endorsed by infamous Color Revolution financier George Soros.

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Those who at least skim the analyses cited thus far will have a better understanding of the larger context.

The Convergence Between Lula, The US Democrats, Soros, And The CIA

It’s against this backdrop that Politico’s associate editor for global affairs Alexander Burns dropped his exclusive bombshell report on Thursday. Titled “Lula’s Plan: A Global Battle Against Trumpism”, he cites some of those US Democrats who met with Lula during his trip to DC in early February to inform his audience about the Brazilian leader’s plans to launch a global influence network in joint partnership with that political party.

The purpose is supposedly to champion so-called “progressive” causes, which is a euphemism for those liberal-globalist ones that the newly “woke” Workers’ Party (PT) and the US Democrats share. Judging by the latter’s track record, this will likely involve the aggressive propagation of non-traditional sexual orientations onto all members of society (including children), the demonization of their political opponents as “fascists”, the forced secularization of society, neo-segregation, and open borders, et al.

Furthermore, with Soros’ enthusiastic endorsement of Lula in mind as well as the symbiotic relationship between the CIA and the US Democrats, it should be taken for granted that the former’s “NGO” network and the latter’s intelligence one will also play a major role in this incipient global influence network. The true purpose behind this platform is to powerfully push back against rapidly proliferating multipolar conservative-sovereigntist trends that pose a threat to Lula and the US Democrats’ liberal-globalism.

Explaining The Strategic Purpose Of This Incipient Global Influence Platform

Smeared as “Trumpism”, this worldview appeals to the majority of the global population. Its reasonable restrictions on radical socio-cultural policies like the aggressive propagation of non-traditional sexual orientations (conservatism) and support of each state’s right to manage their affairs however they’d like (sovereigntism) in a more equal international order (multipolarity) deeply resonates with them. Left unchecked, this trend could deal a deathblow to liberal-globalism and doom it to the dustbin of history.

Accordingly, Lula and the US Democrats have an urgent impetus to launch their reportedly planned global influence network in a desperate attempt to thwart this rising challenge to their ideology, which could lead to both of them being democratically deposed during the next elections if it isn’t stopped. As for the CIA, it assesses that the US’ rivals will exploit this trend to accelerate the decline of its unipolar hegemony, ergo its natural interest in supporting those two’s ideological plans.

Furthermore, the convergence of the newly “woke” PT and the US Democrats advances this spy agency’s long-running agenda to manufacture a so-called “compatible left”, which they regard as a major asset for reinforcing the US’ hegemony in its existing “sphere of influence” as well as further expanding it. Soros shares the same agenda and will thus likely be relied on to finance related movements, including those Color Revolution ones that’ll destabilize multipolar conservative-sovereigntist societies.

Brazil & The US’ Complementary Grand Strategies In The New Cold War

This insight adds crucial context to Politico’s exclusive bombshell report regarding Lula’s ideological-political alliance with the US Democrats, which in turn sheds more light on the growing strategic convergence between Brazil and the US despite their divergence on sensitive issues like the future of the global financial system. As was explained in the previously cited analysis regarding his de-dollarization plans, he envisages his country “balancing” (however clumsily) between China and the US.

Lula’s expectation is that Brazil will continue cooperating with China to accelerate financial multipolarity in parallel with propagating liberal-globalism across the world and especially Latin America in joint partnership with the US Democrats via their planned influence network. From the US’ perspective, while it obviously disapproves of his financial multipolarity plans, it still stands to gain by co-opting him and his newly “woke” party as the face of the “compatible left” for entrenching its soft power across the world.

On the global level, the US will reinforce its “sphere of influence” over Eurasia through a combination of fearmongering about its geopolitical rivals there and falsely portraying its liberal-globalist proxies as the only legitimate defenders of “Western values” in their societies. Regarding Latin America, the Lula-led “compatible left” will serve as the tip of the US’ ideological spear for infiltrating their societies, installing its political proxies, and ultimately restoring its lost influence in the Western Hemisphere with time.

Concluding Thoughts

The AMC is dead wrong in claiming that Lula’s de-dollarization plans with China mean that he’s opposed to the US since he’s still politically aligned with it against Russia over Ukraine and is even reportedly launching a global influence network with its ruling Democrats. While retaining some strategic autonomy on financial affairs, he’s voluntarily colluding with the US on geopolitical and ideological issues as one of its top assets anywhere in the world due to their similar worldviews, which debunks the AMC’s narrative.