Control of the Media and, by Extension, Human Perception

An Art of Liberty Foundation White Rose MUCHO GRANDE poster featuring a 2017 visualization from Swiss Propaganda Research showing how three organizations (The Council of Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and the Trilateral Commission have maneuvered their members into the key publisher, editor, and reporter positions at dozens of ostensible unaffiliated media organizations. Jefferey Epstein was a member of all three organizations.

In our previous article in this series: The Propaganda Matrix – How monopolized media and the algorithmic censorship of the DARPA Internet keep humanity brainwashed and enslaved, we feature a media ownership chart showing how six media companies running hundreds of subsidiaries give the population the illusion of choice and diversity-of-opinion. While that visualization illustrates the ownership structure of the media, including movies, television, book, and magazine publishers, theatres, and theme parks, it doesn’t explain how individual reporters, editors, and publishers are given their “marching orders” to widely cover up Government criminality and propagandize the public across hundreds of media platforms.

If you want to rob the world, you have to have meetings! In this one-pager, we feature visualizations from Swiss Propaganda Research showing how just three organizations: The Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the TrilateralCommission, can coordinate the activities of hundreds of publishers, editors and journalists. The World Economic Forum, which appears to be an offshoot of the Council on Foreign Relations, also organizes “journalists” for regular private meetings in secure facilities. I am not suggesting that every person receives specific instructions, even though prominent journalists, including Udo Ulfkotte have admitted to publishing stories written by the CIA under his name and the L.A. Times’ Ken Dilanian, was outed as a CIA tool through an agency FOIA request.

Most honest journalists are fired (or even killed,) as was San Jose Mercury News reporter Gary Webb, Rolling Stone’s Michael Hastings, or Danny Casolaro) whenever they try to report on forbidden topics: CIA drug running, 9-11 Truth, the massacre and subsequent cover-up of 80 men, women, and children in Waco, the criminality of fractional reserve banking and Federal Reserve policy.

Another Swiss Propaganda Research visualization shows that the Council on Foreign Relations’ control doesn’t just include the media but Hollywood, the presidency, the military, members of Congress, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Federal Reserve Chairs, CIA Directors, and more!

Intelligent and immoral publishers, editors, and reporters like Bilderberg “journalists” Fareed Zakaria and George Stephanopoulos can quickly get themselves on the gravy train of six, seven or even eight-figure salaries by not just covering up the corruption but taking leadership positions in creating and disseminating propaganda that supports our manufactured and unnecessary multi-trillion dollar wars and the mass theft of trillions through “bailouts” and inflation.

The critical concept to understand is that if organized crime is stealing trillions of dollars through fractional reserve banking, unnecessary military spending, bank “bailouts,” and other criminality, then it is easy and cost-effective for them to spend a couple of hundred billion a year to buy up and control the media. Almost every single channel, nearly every single publication, including the couple of hundred people who are paid/allowed to talk “politics” and current events on the weaponized tell-lie-vision, are controlled.