Wagner fighters continue the operation to encircle and destroy the Ukrainian grouping in Bakhmut.

The head of Wagner PMC confirmed that 80% of the city is under Russian control, including all administrative buildings, factories and plants. In their turn, Ukrainian units, including various Special Forces, nationalist battalions reinforced by numerous foreign mercenaries, continue to hold their positions in the residential areas in the west of the city.

Units of the Russian Ministry of Defense, including the Airborne Forces, covered the flanks in the Bakhmut region, allowing Wagner fighters to concentrate on the street battles and in Khromovo.

On the northern outskirts of Bakhmut, fighting continues near Bogdanovka and Orekhovo-Vasilyevka. The Ukrainian military notes that Wagner fighters intensified pressure in Khromovo. In case of their breakthrough, the threat of encirclement of the entire Ukrainian grouping in Bakhmut will grow.

Despite Russian fire control of the last road, the Ukrainian command continues to send military reserves from Chasov Yar to the city. As a result, Russian artillery destroys Ukrainian columns before the equipment is deployed on the poositions.

On the southern outskirts of Bakhmut, fighting is ongoing near Krasny, where units of the Russian Ministry of Defense have taken up the military positions. Russian units are yet to advance in this area to cut the road to Konstantinovka. At the same time, Ukrainian attempts to counterattacks also do not bring any result.

Fierce fighting continues on the streets of Bakhmut. According to Ukrainian military analysts, the Russians have recently taken control of a railway station, an elevator, an agricultural lyceum and the Avangard stadium. Russian military correspondents say that the fighting for the railway station in the center of Bakhmut continues. Wagner sources are yet to confirm their control of the facility.

On April 13, Wagner fighters raised their flag on the building of the district administration on Sibirtsev Street. They also advanced in areas south of the AZOM industrial zone in the north and in residential areas east of the , in the south.

The Ukrainian military is losing military positions and dozens of fighters on a daily basis. Bakhmut grinder is also destroying professional foreign military. Just in recent days, the deaths of several foreign mercenaries in the city were confirmed. A young neo-Nazi fighter from the United States, Edward Walter Wilton, died from shrapnel in his head. He was an ideological anti-Semite and an admirer of Hitler, who called for the destruction of “the entire Jewish race”.

Georgian mercenary Arsen Ketsbeya from Zugdidi followed the example of his Nazi comrade from the US.

A German militant of the International Legion of Ukraine died of his wounds in hospital in Kramatorsk. According to unconfirmed statements, his name was Peter Hermann.

Heavy losses and supply problems undermine the ability of Ukrainian militants to continue long-term defense, but they are still showing fierce resistance in the remaining positions.

Via https://southfront.org/wagner-and-russian-army-join-forces/