On the morning of April 9, Russian forces hit military facilities in the Kherson region. A large a explosion was seen in the area. 

According to the local Ukrainian authorities, the Russian aircraft hit targets in the areas of the localities of Lviv, Olgino and Tomarino settlements.

The strike were carried out with high-precision aerial bombs. A military warehouse used for storage of military equipment and ammunition was likely one of the targets which was destroyed in the Berislav area. There were multiple explosions heard in the area, which confirmed that a military facility was destroyed.

The local Ukrainian authorities confirmed the attack but traditionally claimed that this was a civilian elevator. “The damage is still to be assessed, ” the official Ukrainian sources write.

Russian Strikes Destroy Military Facilities Near Southern Front Lines, Disrupting Ukrainian Counteroffensive Plans

On the evening of April 9, another video confirmed that a lot of Ukrainian combat vehicles were destroyed in another strike of Russian forces. The area of the strike was not revealed. An armored personnel carrier is seen burning in the foreground and a lot of tanks and other military equipment are seen damaged by an accurate strike.

During the day, several Russian strikes hit their targets in the Zaporozhie region. Russian precise strikes hit hangars used for storage of HIMARS MLRS and foreign barrel artillery on the territory of an elevator in Orekhov.

In the Gulyai-Pole area, the Russian Aerospace Forces hit the building of the Zapagrotech agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprise with high-precision ammunition. A warehouse of weapons or military equipment was located on the territory of the enterprise.

A series of strikes hit their targets near the city of Zaporozhye itself.

On April 9, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that as a result of recent strikes in the Zaporozhye region, a fuel storage facility with 70,000 tons of fuel for the Armed Forces of Ukraine was destroyed.

This military equipment and strategic reserves of fuel were planned to be assure the upcoming Ukrainian counteroffensive on the southern front lines. The ongoing high-precision strikes of Russian forces confirm their attempts to disrupt the plans of the Kiev and NATO command.