Pandora’s Box

Zombie was the trigger word that got my attention.  That is the problem with having my radar constantly on standby mode, it keeps finding things**.  Recently there has been some buzz in the beehive regarding the discovery of a 48,500 year old ‘zombie virus’, and all that it could portend.  In typical fashion, a report was echoed over and over again across the news / media spectrum, by the dutiful worker bees in the hive.  It is at least the 5th or 6th threat since CovidTM to be bandied about as the Next Big Scare.  Yawn.  But do you see what I see, Readers?  Let’s pull the thread.

The source for these articles tracks back to a research paper published originally on November 10th, 2022.  Primary suspicions confirmed:

-Climate warming thaws permafrost, and releases organic matter.

-Microbes and viruses dormant since prehistoric times can become revived, and infect amoebas.

-Human activity such as mining exacerbates the problem.

-Phenomenon was reported in 2014, but did not generate enough alarm, hence the new study.

You almost have to admire the chutzpah.  We already knew climate change was the Borg’s next big upcoming threat vector; now by tying it directly to viruses they ensure that we won’t be skating out of this very easily.  Note the clever use of the word ‘warming’ instead of ‘change’, which is admittedly essential for thawing out mammoth dung.  We may have been lucky surviving CovidTM the paper seem to say… this time.  But all those diesel trucks and ugly strip mining operations are going to ensure that eventually, in some frozen corner of Russia probably, a potpourri of microbes is ready to come back from the grave. 

Not coincidentally, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has a major Synthesis Report that is just out.  It included some discussion about permafrost, so thank God for the perfect timing of the Zombie Virus paper, and other recent buzz-topics like the WHO’s redux of the bat-virus theory.  Oh yes. No doubt the think-tanks and government bureaus are churning right now about how to fund further work in this area.  Especially the French bureaus who, for some reason, seem to be up their eyeballs in everything related to virus studies and P-4 labs.  

One can start to see the wisdom of the multi-decade effort to prompt a gain of function on just about everything.  No doubt, that is exactly what is needed right now.  We need to poke and prod some prehistoric microbes, to see just how deadly we can actually make them.  Right?  It works for bats, birds, and pigs, so it is essential to see what we can gin up with these new microbes in a hidden facility somewhere.  You can almost hear the research team salivating over it. 

Let’s talk about the Public Relations aspect at work here, because words interest me.  The team in question is led by a number of French scientists, chief among them one Jean-Michel Claverie.  His field is Genomics and Bioinformatics, friends — top tier.  He is an academic rock star, being one of the breakthrough discoverers of Mimivirus in 2003, and kicking off the Era of Giant Viruses according to this bio.  There is a whole upcoming special issue of the journal Viruses dedicated to him.  Since those days, he has led teams in discovering other cleverly-named ‘giant’ viruses: Pandoravirus, Pacmanvirus, and Megavirus among others; they really are quite adept at making the most from their naming conventions.  ‘Zombie Virus’ was not coined by the journalists, but by the researchers.  Do you think the team hoped average people might jump to conclusions, and assume they could become zombies if infected?

I want to stop short of calling it blatant propaganda, because why beat a word to death?  Readers might recall another usage of Pac-Man virus, of the computer malware kind.  Words circulate through our conscience, creating odd convergences like the graphics above, fully in line with the Hindenberg Uncertainty Principle.  In perusing some of the links and back-story, it becomes apparent that these names are designed for maximum impact, whether for writing articles, gaining funding, or just scare tactics.  Is it a coincidence that Megavirus was in 2010, the same time frame a spate of Mega-movies were in theaters?  Like Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus

While we are talking about convergences, it turns out Prof. Claverie’s first papers about ancient gene sequences were also published the same year Jurassic Park was in theaters.  I’m not saying he was a consultant on the film, or read the 1990 Michael Crichton book… I will just assume the best and say that most people are hopelessly culturally influenced, and only unwittingly pawns of the Borg.  I suppose in academia one does what one must, I just wish they wouldn’t try so damned hard to feed the top-down control apparatus of the world.  I hope the accolades and autographs were worth it.

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I might make a couple of mental extrapolations that don’t have any proof.  Like does Science Fiction drive the social planners, or do the social planners drive Hollywood?  I might wonder why this discovery in the Arctic seems like a set-up to make sure that people stay out of the Arctic, just like we have to stay out of Antarctica now.  Those zones are for the celebrities, scientists, and the Al Gore’s of the world, not us plebes.  I might further extrapolate how it builds the narrative that mankind should stay the heck out of nature, and stick to 15-minute safe-zone cities.  The Bubble was designed for our protection, after all.  But that would be crazy talk.

If I were really going off the deep end, I would dig more into the publisher of the report, bioRxiv who is funded by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative; who is run by a group called Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory; who it turns out is in somewhat close proximity to Plum Island.  But frankly there are too many rabbit holes out there to explore, Readers.  Perhaps the overall Virus Narrative will fit into another piece later.

Steering back on topic, what all the breathless Zombie-Virus stories seem to never mention is that there is no indication it could be harmful to humans.  This is nothing more than a scare story, designed to give technocrats more control over you, more restriction on places you cannot go, and more reasons to validate their climate agenda. 

If you have a spare half-hour, I encourage you to digest this outstanding report from Jacob Siegel, which explains in excruciating detail the depth of trouble we are in regarding Government / Military-run disinformation initiatives.  How it happened, why it happened, and how fully in-control it is.  This is a bigger bombshell than the Seymour Hersch / Nordstream articles, and explains how stories like Zombie-Virus seed the zeitgeist of our burgeoning totalitarian state.  There is a day soon coming when “The A.I.” will be managing everything we see online, and you won’t be able to trust a single thing that your read anywhere.  Except, hey, that is probably all conspiracy theory. Carry on.

We are squarely in the era when God has given society over to a depraved mind, exchanging truth for lies, the unnatural use of our bodies, and everything else unholy.  My advice, Readers, is to steel yourself every day by putting on the Full Armor of God.  Literally be in the Word every day.  God will give you a clear mind about these things, even though the rest of the world around us will be going crazy. 

I don’t know about you, but I feel strangely calm about it all.  Stay vigilant, watchmen.       

In Christ,

Visayas Outpost


**That is an AN-APQ120 radar system in a F-4 Phantom, and the magnetron weighs about 85 lbs.  Right now the guy on the left is saying to the crewchief, “Yeah its bad, but I don’t feel like changing that thing in this heat.  Let’s get one of the new guys out here.”