CIA Democrats (and Republicans!)

This is the 2nd article in a series syndicating content from the 5th edition of “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed! – How Inter-Generational Organized Crime Runs the “Government,” Media and Academia. 

Unfortunately, when many people think of the CIA, the first thing that comes to mind is Tom Cruise saving the world in Mission Impossible. The reality of the CIA is much darker and more aptly represented as a Murder Inc. organized crime ring where agency personnel have been involved in obviously criminal activity, including overthrowing “democratically elected governments” in Iran (1953), Guatemala (1954), Congo (1960), Dominican Republic (1961), South Vietnam (1963), Brazil (1964) and Chile (1973).

Most egregiously, they operated death squads engaged in extra-judicial killings in Vietnam of between 20,000-40,000 civilians under the Phoenix Program.

The agency is routinely suspected of assassinating journalists who are reporting on its crimes, including the suspicious deaths of Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings while he was working on a story about then CIA Director (and now CNN Correspondent) John Brennan and San Jose Mercury News reporter Gary Webb while he was investigating agency involvement in the crack cocaine epidemic.

Naturally, organized crime interests using “government” to rob and control the population would create and control intelligence agencies in order to completely control the “government” by operating in secrecy with unauditable “black budgets,” spying on the other participants, running propaganda and control-ofperception “news” organizations, paramilitary operations, cultivating the willingness to engage in political assassination, and wielding the ability to flash their “Get-Out-Off-Jail-FreeCard” which, conveniently for the CIA, “trumps” any other law enforcement agency. What a racket. Until you understand the game.

Almost two-dozen “Ex” CIA or other intelligence agency employees delivering “news”

In our one-pager, CIA News Networks and the Mighty Wurlitzer – Are You Getting Your News from the CIA?, we break down almost two dozen examples of the CIA, other intelligence agencies, and federal “law enforcement” making up a significant percentage of the 200ish people that get to talk about “politics” and current events on the monopolized MainStreamMedia.

In this one-pager, we break down: CIA Democrats (and Republicans!), a phenomenon that the World Socialist Website (WSWS) first reported on in 2018 and which accelerated in 2020 and 2022: A statistically anomalous number of “ex” CIA agents, other intelligence agencies, federal law enforcement, and military-industrial complex-related “ex” employees being funded for congressional campaigns. WSWS called them: “CIA Democrats” and described them thusly in 2020:

“In the course of the 2018 elections, a large group of former military intelligence operatives entered capitalist politics as candidates seeking the Democratic Party nomination in 50 congressional seats—nearly half the seats where the Democrats were targeting Republican incumbents or open seats created by Republican retirements. 30 of these candidates won primary contests and became the Democratic candidates in the November 2018 election, and 11 of them won the general election, more than one quarter of the 40 previously Republican-held seats captured by the Democrats as they took control of the House of Representatives. In 2020, the intervention of the CIA Democrats continues on what is arguably an equally significant scale: besides the reelection campaigns of the 11 representatives who won seats in the House in 2018, half a dozen of those who lost 2018 races are running again in 2020. Some of these are running for House seats again, while others have been promoted by the Democratic Party leadership and are running for the U.S. Senate. An entirely new crop of military-intelligence operatives is being brought forth, some running for Republican seats targeted by the Democratic leadership as possible takeovers, others in seats not currently considered competitive.”

Is the CIA using the same bag of dirty tricks to control the U.S. “government” that it openly uses in foreign countries to control other “governments?”

The 1st article in the series was: CIA News Networks and The Mighty Wurlitzer Are You Getting Your News from the CIA?