Bill Gates and the WHO want a Global Health Emergency Corps

Bill Gates, writing in the NY Times, is worried that we’ll make the same mistakes again. What mistakes are those you ask? Lockdowns? Unnecessarily testing absolutely everybody? Quarantining the healthy? Of course not! Old Bill wants all of those things but more quickly and with a lot more money definitely not going through his pockets.

He likens the situation to a city with firefighters. With well trained and funded firefighters, if a fire breaks out, they respond quickly and they stop the fire from spreading. That all sounds reasonable but what happens if a fire only happens every hundred years or so? The firefighters will get restless and perhaps they might even start a fire or two to see some action. They signed up to be heroes, not to just sit around waiting for something that most likely will never happen in their working life times.

Even if the bored firefighters didn’t actually start a fire, they would certainly exaggerate the risks of one. And you can understand it from their point of view. They are constantly training to save people’s lives, they don’t want to have wasted their time pencil pushing.

The World Health Organisation (WHO), probably together with Mr Micro Soft, is trying to set up a ‘Global Health Emergency Corps’. This military sounding network will consist of the world’s top health emergency leaders, conducting drills to practice for pandemic outbreaks. And as with the bored firefighters, how long before new pathogens are exaggerated out of all proportions or worse?

Mr Gates wants all countries to have large-scale testing capabilities to check human waste for the latest virus. But the more we test and the more we look for new viruses, the more we will find and the more new pandemics there will be. Blamed on climate change of course, not the increased testing.

He says it’s important we look for lots of different types of pathogens too. However, over the last 20-30 years we have seen how many new viral scares there have been. Fortunately, none of them killed many people and there wasn’t much panic due to lack of social media and unrefined propaganda. Now, however, they have all the tools in place. They have seen what works and what doesn’t. What causes fear and what encourages others to prolong the panic. We will have a new global pandemic every five years if the same modellers and doomsters are in charge.

If a positive sample is found, Bill wants the Emergency Corps to deploy a rapid response team “to find people who might be infected”. You’ve been writing on Substack and you just sneezed, you might be infected, into quarantine prison for you.

Bill says we need professional corps from every country and region. They can’t be volunteers, they must be compensated for responding to transnational threats. It sounds more and more like an army the more he writes.

The Emergency Corps must be led by people like the heads of national public health agencies, he says. Because public health agencies have done such a great job this time round.

Emergency Corps will make sure countries and health systems are coordinated in advance of an emergency, so that everything runs smoothly during times of crisis. What he means here is that what he says goes and countries will no longer have sovereignty. You might have elected an anti-lockdown politician but Bill says we need a lockdown and the Emergency Corps will enforce that decision.

And obviously money is a key driver in all of this as well. Bill says this is a trillion-dollar problem and we must invest in the Global Health Emergency Corps. Furthermore, wealthier countries need to step up and provide the funding. You will be paying for your own demise through further lockdowns and business closures. You won’t be able to afford your groceries but you’ve paid the wages of the Emergency Corps who are dragging you into quarantine after your neighbour ratted on you for coughing one too many times.