URGENT: Bill Gates, the world’s most dangerous centi-billionaire, proves he has learned NOTHING from the last three years

Bill Gates is becoming a menace.

He will not leave us alone.

And he’s learned all the wrong lessons from Covid.

At this point he is worse than merely clueless. As one of the world’s 10 richest men and controller of a $50 billion charitable honeypot, Gates has the power to drive public health policy in dangerous directions.

He appears hellbent on doing so.

Gates is obsessed with the risk of future pandemics. Never mind that in the century following the 1918-19 flu pandemic, HIV was the only new infectious disease to cause significant societal disruption.

For all its ferocity, HIV proved controllable with anti-viral drugs that took barely a decade to develop after the virus was found. They would likely be developed much faster today, because scientists have developed far better computer modeling of viral surfaces and the way they interact with our cells.

(You got that right, Bill!)

But Covid.


The only problem with pointing to Covid as evidence of a rising threat of naturally emerging infectious diseases… is that it is unclear whether Covid is a naturally emerging infectious disease.

The weight of the evidence suggests otherwise. It suggests, in fact, that nothing is more likely to cause a pandemic than the search for a virus that might cause one.

The virologists who do this work are desperate to distract you from this fact. Thus the nattering about raccoon dogs, despite the fact that THEY HAVE FOUND NO EVIDENCE RACCOON DOGS CARRY A PRECURSOR VIRUS TO SARS-COV-2.

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