Why Ivermectin Will Cure The Next Pandemic

One of Dr. Zelenko’s wonderful parting gifts (God rest his soul) was that he gave us solutions to problems he knew we would eventually have.

In light of the latest (lightly covered) tabletop exercise — brought to us by the same wonderful ‘people’ that gave us Event 201 and Dark Winter — called ‘Catastrophic Contagion’ it’s important to note that we very likely already have the solution to the next pandemic, despite all the neighhh-sayers. So long as that next pandemic is a “Single Strand RNA virus (ssRNA) that uses RNA dependent RNA polymerase to replicate genetic material.”

Full thread with clickable links from the late and missed Dr. Zelenko below:

Many Single Strand RNA viruses (ssRNA) use RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) to replicate their genetic material.  This is required to make more copies of virus and spread to other cells. 

These viruses include:

Covid-19 (all strains)




Ebola virus

Marburg virus 

The use of Zinc Ionophores and Zinc will treat these viruses. 

Zinc Ionophores include:





In other words, we can prevent and treat the above viruses with cheap, oral, effective, and safe drugs. Some of which are over the counter. 

Please study this text and understand what it means. 

Via https://farm.substack.com/p/why-ivermectin-will-cure-the-next