“Money is no Mystery” Lectures

The collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank and the following spectacle in which the media blares out about a massive bank crisis (without any hard figures for us to assess for ourselves) suggests that the parasite class is preparing for its war on money, the next step after COVID-19 of its war on citizens. After their destruction of the immune systems of Americans, and the dumbing down of the minds of Americans, they are ready to take over money completely.

Most likely, once all the banks are bankrupt, it will be easy to force-feed us a digital currency. But there may be other possible scenarios in store as well.

I wanted to share, in one place, my five lectures on the topic “Money is no mystery” to use the title of Charles E. Coughlin’s famous speech of 1934 which I recite as the final speech here.

Via https://emanuelprez.substack.com/p/money-is-no-mystery-lectures