21 year old Twitch star Kyedae Shymko was diagnosed with leukemia – a blood cancer that is skyrocketing among children & young adults

There is an increasing number of sudden leukemia diagnoses among children and young adults. What is going on?

A few days ago, on March 2, 2023, Kyedae Shymko, a 21 year old Japanese-Canadian Twitch streamer with 2.2 million followers (and 1 million on Twitter), announced that she was diagnosed with cancer – Acute Myeloid Leukemia (click here)

Shockingly, cases like this are skyrocketing recently among children and young adults, and even more shocking is the rapid progression of disease in some of these cases.

Kavieriona White, 11 year old girl died two days after leukemia diagnosis (Feb.16, 2023)

Also, a few days ago, 11 year old Kavieriona died suddenly after being diagnosed with Leukemia just a few days prior (click here)

It started when she was sent home from school with a fever. A few days later she was found unresponsive, rushed to hospital where she was diagnosed with leukemia and she died two days later.

“The blood disease was leukemia. The doctor informed me it was treatable and curable but the main problem was the brain bleeds”

By Dr. William Makis MD Via https://makismd.substack.com/p/21-year-old-twitch-star-kyedae-shymko