Lula Just Backstabbed Putin By Ordering Brazil To Vote Against Russia At The UN

Lula has the constitutional power to reverse his predecessor Bolsonaro’s prior policy of voting against Russia at the UN but voluntarily chose to continue it, which discredits his Hybrid Warriors’s disinformation-driven copium campaign covering up for his condemnation of Russia alongside Biden earlier this month and confirms that he’s truly recalibrated his worldview to more closely align with the US’.

Nobody can credibly deny that newly re-elected and now three-time Brazilian President Lula recalibrated his worldview closer to US interests after he backstabbed President Putin by ordering his country to vote against Russia at the UN on Thursday. This development aligns with Lula’s condemnation of Russia in his joint statement with Biden and adds more context to why Soros so enthusiastically endorsed him during this year’s Munich Security Conference.

Those liberal-globalists (“Lula Liberals”) who’ve infiltrated the Workers’ Party and previously spun conspiracy theories covering up for Lula’s aforementioned condemnation of Russia alongside his US counterpart are now exposed as shameless liars. Readers can learn more about this disinformation campaign in my response to one of the US’ agents of influence in Brazil that maliciously tried to defame me for raising maximum awareness of this, which also links to all my critiques of Lula since November.

The reason why Brazil’s latest vote can be described as Lula backstabbing President Putin is because the he falsely tried to portray himself as neutral towards the Ukrainian Conflict in order to push through his G20-like peace process, which I explained in the aforesaid analysis is purely for self-promotion purposes. About that, the “Lula Liberals” are also spinning Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin’s perfunctory remarks about it as supposedly proving that Moscow is seriously pursing Lula’s plan.

This official’s claim earlier on Thursday that Russia is “examining” Brazil’s initiative was aimed at softening the blow of Foreign Minister Lavrov ignoring Lula’s plan during a call with his counterpart at the beginning of the month and the Russian Ambassador to India later indirectly rubbishing it, both of which sent strong signals about its stance. His purely formal statement was also released prior to Brazil voting against Russia at the UN, the development of which will now be analyzed a bit further at length.

Recalling the ongoing disinformation campaign waged by the “Lula Liberals” for covering up his condemnation of Russia alongside Biden, observers should remember that the Brazilian leader now has the authority to shape his country’s foreign policy. Lula has the constitutional power to reverse his predecessor Bolsonaro’s prior policy of voting against Russia at the UN but voluntarily chose to continue it, which discredits his Hybrid Warriors and confirms that he’s recalibrated his worldview.

The Lula of old, which most folks abroad still delusionally imagine him to be (which is also partially the result of the “Lula Liberals’” disinformation campaign), would never have sided with the US against Russia at the UN. Such a scenario would have been unthinkable, yet he just proudly did so two weeks after breaking with his BRICS partners to become the first leader of this group to condemn Russia, which also significantly occurred in a joint statement with Biden.

The US is openly waging a proxy war on Russia through Ukraine, but Lula officially believes that Moscow’s the problem and not Washington, ergo his decision to order Brazil to condemn the former instead of abstaining from the latest UN vote like his fellow BRICS counterparts did. There’s thus no longer any doubt that the US achieved a major political victory by turning Lula against Russia at the UN despite failing to coerce him into arming Kiev, the latter of which was never realistic to begin with.

Nevertheless, the “Lula Liberals” are expected to aggressively push the disinformation-driven “copium” narrative claiming that his refusal to arm Kiev supposedly amounts to him supporting Russia, the false spin of which is intended to distract folks from his condemnation of it with Biden and the latest UN vote. The fact of the matter is that Lula isn’t the same leader that he previously was, for better or for worse depending on one’s perspective, which everyone must eventually accept if they’re honest.