Wings of War – Eat Ze Bugs! – Balloon Ups & Downs – ‘St Vitus’ Dance’ – True Conspiracies – Rules for Them – CPI 5% by Year End? – Exit the Matrix – Fables – Letter from Great Britain – [02-11-23]

STOP PRESS: As Britain swoons over Zelensky’s visit  and he chats to King Charles III pleading for more sticks & stones, the adults in the room issue a warning.   “Vladimir Putin is ready to issue a “response” of “military-political consequences” should the UK supply war planes to Ukraine to help in their battle against Russia.” 

FUN TIDBIT:  Should we eat more bugs?  The EU & UN think so; but first a quick-fire explanation:

This is not new because bugs remain a traditional food in many cultures across Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the EU has joined in with their official clearance to include insects in their approved foods.

Despite its long tradition among at least half of the world’s peoples eating insects is still rare, not to mention taboo, in the United States and Europe.  One reason is that after Europe became agrarian, insects were seen as destroyers of crops rather than a source of food.

Manfred Kroger, a professor emeritus of food science at Penn State University says what people choose to eat is conditioned by culture.  Many Westerners readily consume shrimp and lobster which, like insects, are arthropods, together with pork and oysters which are foods which some cultures reject, like Brits who refuse to eat horse, although the French scoff it down with gusto,

But before you get too enthusiastic about this emerging ‘food’ for the collective west, take a look under the hood. “High-magnification cricket snacks, cricket flour and whole cricket microscopy photos from the lab” (warning, strong stomach needed):

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK:  The balloon went up; then it came down, courtesy of a well-placed USAF stealth fighter’s ‘Sidewinder’ after spending a week over the US floating freely. I love the American pathos when NORAD failed to spot it and called it a “domain awareness gap!”  It reminds me when Challenger exploded and Houston said: “we have a major malfunction” – classic – it’s NewSpeak and it’s everywhere these days.

So what inscrutable Chinese plot is hidden behind all the rhetoric?  It seems there are more than a few of these silent ‘killers’.  Even the Columbian military determined that their balloon posed no threat to national security, defence, or air safety and left it to wander on its convoluted course unmolested.

But not panicky Washington, which lacks the capability of the Columbian military, because Washington is in the business of infecting the world with their paranoia.  In fact this balloon is strictly known as a Blimp, according to Readers Digest, which writes: “…these days blimps are used for “advertising, freight transportation, tourism, camera platforms for sporting events, geological surveys, aerial observation, interdiction platforms, advertising, TV coverage, tourism, and some research purposes,” says Wilnechenko; so no mention of spying activity then?

I guess this could be just more false flag hype from the usual suspects as you pretty much never see balloons in the sky these days; they seem so innocuous. But beware; Chinese balloons over the US reveal many things. This “Sky Lantern” strategy creates confusion, a sense of helplessness, and a realisation that “big” Western military tech may be useless against innocuous Chinese military low-tech. And then there’s this video (courtesy of Paul Vonharnish at OffG comments) – Americans should remember Viet Nam:    

BREAKING NEWS:  Winston Churchill “had a stamp on his office desk reading ‘Action this day’ with which he marked documents demanding immediate attention from his officials and ministers”, recalls Nigel Jones in The Spectator.  But Britain’s current Tory leader appears to have “exchanged this stamp for one reading ‘Inaction this day’ to judge by his government’s paralysed inactivity in the face of pressing events”. Rishi Sunak needs to recognise that “reshuffling a few ministerial deckchairs on the Tory Titanic as it steams heedlessly on towards the iceberg of the next election simply does not meet the level of the multiple crises confronting the nation”, Jones warns. “Britain badly needs” a “plan of action” to tackle the “multiple crises confronting the nation”, but “the Prime Minister seems either unable, or unwilling, to provide one”.

Perhaps the Establishment’s paralysis in the face of unresolved crises is down to the multiple games of musical chairs played by our useless politicians?  For example, there have been 15 housing ministers in as many years but this is not all.  Here is the sorry tale of Westminster’s ‘Saint Vitus’ Dance’ following Sunak’s cabinet shuffle this week; you can’t make this up:

IT SEEMS THAT Neil Oliver at GB News has rattled the ‘Jewish group’ this week and ‘The Guardian’ was quick on the scene with plenty of tropes to fan the flames of ‘anti-Semitism’. Their ‘journalist’ Peter Walker claimed: “The UK’s leading Jewish organisation and a group of MPs have called on GB News and the media regulator Ofcom to tackle the broadcaster’s indulgence of conspiracy theories, warning that some recent segments and guests risked spreading ideas linked to antisemitism.” Here is the offending 11 min clip; I can’t spot any ‘anti-Semitism’ – can you?  

It is clear, in scribbler Walker’s twisted world, just about anything hinting at a ‘conspiracy’ must be linked to some sort of attack upon Jews in one form or another. This prompted a response from the ‘Board of Deputies of British Jews’ which said: “It is highly concerning that GB News continues to air a show which embraces all manner of conspiracy theories. Somewhat inevitably, some of those invited on to this show represent organisations that promote anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. If the channel will not act, we expect that Ofcom will.”  Walker goes on to say:

“Oliver, who delivers trademark monologues to camera, used the show last Saturday to discuss what he called a “silent war” by generations of politicians to take “total control of the people” and impose a “one-world government”.  Here we get to the nub of the issue; TPTB are offended by the truth and will use any device to suppress even hints of their plans by applying the ‘anti-Semite’ specious attribution.

As in all concocted narratives a strawman argument is used to deflect from the truth – in this case the proposition that all ‘conspiracies’ derive from an anti-Semite root and are therefore inadmissible.  And of course this includes denial of established conspiracies which have been proven true as noted by Walker: “corporate and banking Deep State [aka WEF], completely supported by the Zionist state of Israel” plans to take control of UK politics (they already have as boasted by Herr Schwab), another anti-Semitic notion. Another argues that the “House of Rothschild” has a pivotal role in world affairs.”  Let’s check this out.

The WEF (of which Sunak, Starmer & friends are members) and many global institutions have published their plans and intentions very clearly over many decades. Even in 1815, Nathan Rothschild made his famous statement: “I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls the British money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”  I can’t think of anything better than this confirmation of the bankers’ implied control of the world already spewed from one of the chosen.

Some of the most powerful ministers in Sunak’s reshuffle this week are Jewish or have Jewish connections, for it’s generally accepted that they are a very clever and industrious people. But don’t take my word for it – The Jewish Chronicle makes a point of proudly listing some:   “Methinks they doth protest too much.”

I OFTEN WONDER how politicians in a ‘democracy’ make things happen in view of most things currently not happening.  It seems so obvious: politicians, supposedly representing their constituents (us), make rules in parliament, otherwise known as laws, which determine the actions of the populace (us, again). But, you know, it never happens like that maybe because there are hidden hands at work?

More often than not these days the Establishment issues Regulations, bypassing Parliament, which is tantamount to rule by diktat.  The Covid fiasco wrote this large in the public’s awareness and now we have the imposition of ’15-minute cities’ without a “by-your-leave” as part of their ‘Net Zero’ agenda which has never been approved by the people but hidden under the zooming complexity of government regulations flowing from the all-encompassing Climate Change Act 2008.

The government say: Acts are pieces of statutory legislation that have been passed by Parliament, which means that they are laws. Breaching of an act creates liability enforceable in court.  Regulations are supplementary to acts. They link to existing acts and they are designed to aid a person to apply the principles of the primary act. Essentially, they are formal guidelines, and breaching them is not necessarily enforceable in courts.

One of the most deceptively revealing statements describing the complexity of massive, centralised governments was issued by the President of post-war France, Charles de Gaulle, who asked, “How can you govern a country which has two hundred and forty-six varieties of cheese?”

Behind the notion of a rules-based society is the idea that people are innately disposed to obey the rules. You don’t have to be an anarchist to know this isn’t always the case. I suspect every parent knows instinctively that to get their offspring to just eat their greens is not anywhere near as simple as declaring that it shall be so. We hear the protests: “it’s not fair – mum doesn’t eat her greens – why should I?”

A long time ago, a business consultant argued in an article in the Harvard Business Review that motivating employees was not about carrots and sticks. It’s not as though rewards and penalties do not have a place in business or politics, it’s just that when it comes to motivation, it’s more difficult.  Both the carrot and the stick rely on compliance. The carrot is a reward for compliance and the stick is a consequence for non-compliance. The point is that “motivation is less about employees doing great work and more about employees feeling great about their work.”

The same applies in politics; it’s not only about compliance, it’s about feeling good about complying and this is where the essence of the problem actually lies.  As anyone will tell you, feeling good about ‘going along to get along’ only works if everyone does it and we are being increasing aware that not everyone does. There are currently two sets of rules: one for the rule-makers and another for the rule-takers.

Every day we are deluged by examples of company executives engaged in criminal activities hiding behind their corporate structures which provide a legal barrier to arraigning them personally. Thus the corporation gets fined (as a pseudo person) and the C-suit goes free.  This also happens in government and many other national and global institutions.

No wonder there is a rising anger and resistance across the world as people are beginning to realise how seriously they have been disenfranchised and duped.  Neil Oliver is no slouch; he knows his onions and because he exposes the dark underbelly of corruption he is exposed to calumny of the very people who benefit.

INFLATION WATCH:  We are told by the ONS  that inflation (CPI) is easing and Sunak promises it will half by year end (10% >5%) – good luck with that.  “The annual inflation rate in December 2022 eased (by a miniscule 0.1%) principally reflecting price changes in the transport division, especially motor fuels. There were also downward effects from clothing and footwear, recreation and culture. The largest fall partially offsetting upward effects came from restaurants and hotels, food and non-alcoholic beverages.”

The BoE, in cahoots with the OBR, predicted inflation would peak at 11%, a figure reached in October 2022, before gradually easing. They forecast 2023 inflation rates will keep slowing; falling to around 5% before the end of the year, and this is what Sunak and friends are relying on, but these financial gurus haven’t yet got a forecast right! I’ll keep reminding of this as the year progresses.

Unfortunately, lower inflation doesn’t necessarily mean prices will fall and ‘stealth inflation’ will continue unabated anyway. Throughout the world, food and other prices have been increasing for as long as I can remember mainly due to the interminable increase in the money supply that our global financial system needs to survive. Major corporations hide their increased input costs by reducing the amount of product inside packaging as we all experience when shopping.

For those living below the poverty line it becomes much more of a struggle. However food and fuel prices have impacted everyone quickly anyway so these stealth price increases are ever-present burdens which will continue to overwhelm already-tight budgets even if inflation rates fall as predicted.  So, batten down the hatches and prepare for a long hard haul until something pops!

SURVIVAL MONITOR:  How to Leave the Matrix – Hat Tip – Bert Powers:   when he says: “One of the best posts yet, spells it out plain and simple, easy to understand. If we all just got together and did this we could take away all of their power over us.”   This is a simple check list for our survival to which I would add: use cash as much as you can in your daily life – the future of our freedom may well depend on it.

“But the technocrats behind the CBDCs have no intention of simply issuing them like cash and then allowing us to transact with them in the same way we do now.  Rather, there are going to be hidden layers of digital control built into the system.”  However, I ask can it actually work in practice if we don’t comply?   Hopefully, perhaps not, maybe it’s just a technocrat’s wet dream.

NARRATIVE BATTLE:  We are all under attack by mythical stories designed to crush society; it’s going on even now with too many signposts to list.  In no sane world do we go from “recognizing gay marriage and re-gendering God to we must give your child puberty blockers in anticipation of removal of their genitals” in less than ten years.  That’s not normal, and it’s nothing less than horrific.  Even The Church of England is considering a proposal to begin referring to God in ‘gender-neutral’ terms, rather than using traditional male pronouns.

Can there be anything as cretinous and stupid as these supposed intellectual geriatric heavyweights wasting inordinate time debating what is patently obvious if they only took one glance at their lauded ancient scrolls.  The question can be resolved in a fleeting minute: Jesus refers to his ‘father’ on so many occasions that even the most myopic clergyman can’t fail to recognise it! Quod erat demonstrandum you nits!

This attack is the same attack that the Left always uses, attempting to normalise behaviour that is far beyond the norm, and then recasting anyone who would push back as ‘bigoted’ and ‘racist’.  The targets of the attacks from the Left are often the same, too – the most frequent is the atom of society – the family.  Families are the basic building block of civilisation and have been so for millennia.

This excellent review of what is really going on in America is being repeated here in Britain where our politicians are doing absolutely nothing about it.  The Brits are generally a tranquil lot and slow to rise in anger but when they do react, as they have done throughout our history, massive upheavals occur quickly and uncontrollably, which is why our leaders are running scared even now as they attempt to impose the crass idiocy of UN Agenda 2030 and its gross Net Zero policies.