Who Will be Spared from COVID-19 Vaccine Injury?

Americans have become numb with newsreels of sudden cardiac death, blood clots, stroke, seizures, hospitalization, and death after COVID-19 vaccination. Many have vowed to decline future boosters and get off the vaccination train. However, a common question is:  will I be spared?

A Zobgy survey in 2022 found that 15% of individuals who took a COVID-19 vaccine had some new medical problem for which they were seeking care.1 A concordant survey done by Dr. Mark Skidmore at Michigan State University found that 22% of Americans knew someone who was seriously damaged by the vaccines.2 The CDC V-Safe data showed that 7-8% of those who took received a COVID-19 vaccine had to seek urgent care from an emergency department or similar facility.3

These data suggest that ~85% of those who have received COVID-19 vaccines have no significant problems, and ~15% have been damaged. While this number is unacceptably high, and the vaccine campaign should be stopped, many are wondering now:  “why me?”

There are almost certainly factors related to the vaccine product that plays a role. In general, Moderna with 100 mcg of mRNA appears to be more toxic than Pfizer with 30 mcg of mRNA.Janssen seems to be similar acutely to Pfizer, but with a better longer-term safety profile. Novavax, with 5 mcg of purified Spike protein, appears to have the most favorable safety profile with no genetic material being injected into the body.

It has been reported that 80% of the Pfizer deaths have come from ~30% of lots, whereas 80% of the Moderna deaths have come from 20% of lots.4 Thus, the lot number must be a proxy for mRNA content, contaminants, or some other factor related to the product. Patient susceptibility factors make a syndrome more likely to be expressed if it is going to occur.

For example, a family or personal history of a genetic blood clotting disorder, use of estrogens, obesity, and immobility make a person more likely to develop severe thromboembolic syndromes after vaccination. Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease makes it more likely for the vaccines to cause a heart attack or stroke. Baseline cardiomyopathy, mutations in various ion channels, and possibly internal adrenalin during sleep or sports may trigger vaccine-induced myocarditis and sudden death.  

In this week’s show, we feature Marc Girardot, MBA, who is a business and biotech consultant and author of the Mythbusters Substack.5,6 Giaradot has reviewed the literature and the real possibility that the degree of vascular entry by the vaccine injection may play a role in the development of organ injury syndromes.

If the plunger is not pulled back on the syringe to check for entry into a blood vessel, then the lipid nanoparticles and mRNA can enter the circulation directly and act like a “mainline” bolus of deadly genetic material to land in the heart, brain, and other organs where acute damage occurs when the Spike protein begins. Giaradot says each injection is like playing Russian Roulette.

By Dr. Peter McCullough Via https://www.americaoutloud.com/who-will-be-spared-from-covid-19-vaccine-injury/