Horowitz: Did 7.5 million people die from COVID shots?

There is simply no macro epidemiological evidence that the COVID jabs saved any lives from the virus. To the contrary, there are numerous data points showing negative efficacy. Moreover, over 70% of the 6.75 million recorded COVID deaths occurred precisely after the shots were unleashed. In fact, many parts of the world that barely experienced COVID deaths during the first year, such as Scandinavia, Australia, and far East Asia, incurred almost all of their deaths after the shots were in the arms of every senior. So now that we established there was no mortality benefit, what was the cost? What if I told you it was 7.5 million – even more than the recorded number of COVID deaths?

A new peer-reviewed study from Michigan State University estimated that as of Dec. 18, 2021, the time of the survey, 278,000 Americans died of reactions to the jabs. The study, published last week in BMC Infectious Diseases, used Dynata, the world’s largest first-party data platform, to create a random sample of 2,840 Americans to report their experience with the shots: 15% of those surveyed indicated they had experienced a health issue after vaccination, and 13% of those indicated that a severe adverse event had occurred, in line with many other surveys.

Using extrapolations from the survey juxtaposed to state-by-state VAERS deaths, the researcher estimates that, as of Dec. 18, 2021, there were a total of 278,000 vaccine fatalities in the U.S. Further, “severe” adverse events are estimated to be about one million nationwide, and “less severe” adverse events are about 2.1 million. Estimated nationwide fatalities, “severe” injuries, and “less severe” injuries tally to 3.4 million.

This is just after the first year of the vaccine. The results should shock the conscience of the public.

So how many died in the world over two years of vaccination? Using the numbers from Our World in Data, 493 million doses of the vaccine were administered in the U.S. at the time of the Michigan State survey. So, if 493 million doses were enough to kill 278 thousand Americans, how many would have died at the same rate globally from the beginning until today? At 13.24 billion doses administered globally, that would result in 7.47 million vaccine fatalities, more than the Holocaust! That would be in addition to 27 million severe injuries globally!

What is shockingly eerie about this projection is that it’s almost identical to what I estimated in terms of the global death toll two months ago based on the CDC’s V-SAFE data demonstrating an underreporting factor in VAERS of 26. Using the URF of 26, and multiplying for the global doses administered, I estimated a back-of-the-envelope total of 7.855 million COVID shot deaths globally.

Using this extrapolation just for the U.S. based on the total current number of doses, it would work out to about 372,000 deaths in the U.S. Some estimate as many as 550,000 non-COVID excess deaths, which could demonstrate potentially an even higher death toll. Keep in mind that the Michigan State study was just of the first year of shots, which was composed mainly of the original doses. Many scientists critical of the jabs believe there is a strong dose dependence associated with fatalities. It’s thus reasonable to assume that the fatality rate per dose over the past year, which was composed mainly of boosters and even multiple booster doses per person, might have been higher. It’s also possible that with another year of data beyond this survey, we would begin actualizing long-term deaths associated with the shots.

But whether it’s 372K deaths in the U.S. or 500,000+, or 7.5 million globally or upwards of 10 million, this is nothing short of genocide. Even the FDA advisory committee admitted last Thursday that the shots pose many dangers, including long-term health effects. Yet they allowed Pfizer to wait another six months to release data on subclinical myocarditis! At a time when the shots should be banned, and the technology should be shelved, we are still struggling to even end the mandates. The feds are still mandating the shots in health care settings. Even in Wyoming, with a 55-5 GOP majority, we just barely passed a mandate ban by 31-29 on its first reading on the House floor.

Last week, upon hearing he was appointed chairman of the House Oversight subcommittee on the coronavirus pandemic, Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R-Ohio) promised to “conduct a thorough after-action report of the COVID-19 pandemic.” However, it’s time Republicans realize this is not an after-action report. This is a live mass-casualty event in need of triage. This is not over by a long shot, and there are millions of ticking time bombs with a generation of broken hearts – literally and figuratively – from the vaccines and COVID fascism. Rather than just focusing on what went wrong with lockdowns, we need to start in the here and now to ban these shots from the face of the earth and hold those people promoting them accountable.

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