Zelensky’s Wunderwaffe Weapons

The Ukrainian war is in its end game. Checkmate is at hand, Declan Hayes writes.

March 20, 1945. With Berlin in critical danger, the Führer chooses General Gotthard Heinrici to replace Heinrich Himmler as chief of Army Group Vistula. Heinrici’s mission is to defend Berlin, which is now coming within striking distance of Red Army artillery fire, and to kick-start Zhukov’s retreat right back to Bakhmut, Moscow and Crimea, so as to give Hitler time to bring his wunderwaffe, his wonder weapons, into the fray.

Though Heinrici knows that these jet aircraft, together with the V1, V2 and V3 systems are too little and much too late, as a Prussian officer, he will do as commanded and try to forestall, for however long he can, Zhukov’s 1,500,000 troops with his 100,000,000 strong scratch army at the Seelow Heights. Heinrici, the Reich’s greatest defense tactician, has no illusions as to how either this battle or this war will end.

Late January, 2023. With the Ukrainian rump Reich in critical danger, Kiev’s comedy king orders his remaining troops to go on the offensive and kick Gerasimov out of Bakhmut and right back to Moscow and Crimea. Zelensky’s NATO buddies declare that wonder weapons are on the way, Bradley personnel carriers and advanced air defense systems that Zelensky’s child conscripts haven’t a clue how to operate or maintain.

Though his generals and their remaining veteran troops know that Zelensky is talking rubbish, like Heinrici, they will do as commanded for, to disobey means instant death at the hands of the SBU not only for them but for their families as well. So says retired U.S. Army officer Douglas Macgregor, who is one of a small number of former NATO commanders, who consistently talk sense on Ukraine.

Although the pronouncements of all current and former NATO operatives have to be taken with a large dose of Soledar’s salts, when those statements are consistent and, when their analyses stack up with reality, as opposed to the fantasy worlds of Hitler and Zelensky, then we must listen.

Ukraine now faces the entire might of Russia’s armed forces. They are heavily outnumbered and outgunned. Their NATO masters have admitted Ukraine is only an expendable cat’s paw to maul Russia and nothing more. Ukraine’s leaders are hopelessly corrupt and they have no hopes of winning because their concept of victory is anathema to Russian General Gerasimov and the fearsome air, land and sea forces he now commands. It is time to abandon ship, to get out of Dodge and run Forrest run as there is nothing more to be done.

Whatever his other faults Heinrici, unser giftzwerg, literally “our poison dwarf” (roughly, “our tough little bastard”) as his troops nicknamed him, was not a quitter. He fought valiantly, bravely at the Seelow Heights but it was, in the end, he always knew, hopeless, prolonging the Reich’s inevitable defeat at a cost of hundreds of thousands more lives.

The Battle of the Oder-Neisse began on April 16, 1945 and, though Heinrici used the tried and trusted tactics he had previously employed to steady the 4th Army’s retreat from the Battle of Moscow, the Red Army quickly cracked his first, and then his second and, finally, his third lines of defense. By April 19th, only three days after it began, the Battle of the Oder-Neisse was over, thereby opening the road to Berlin and the end of the Reich and its doped-up Führer, following the criminally needless slaughter fest of the Battle of Berlin.

As with the Seelow Heights, so also now with Bakhmut. The Russians have cracked the Nazis’ best defenses, there are no signs of the wunderwaffe weapons and all that remains is for the hundreds of thousands of young 14 and 15 year old teenagers Zelensky has drafted into his Wehrmacht to die for absolutely nothing.

If patriotic Ukrainians must take a leaf out of the Third Reich’s play-book, they should look not only at the futile Battle of the Seelow Heights but also at the July plot, when Claus von Stauffenberg tried to rid the Reich of the Zelensky of his day. Though those Ukrainians, whose loved ones have died in this needless war, will quite naturally blame Russia for their loss, like the Germans before them, they should look more closely at those like Zelensky, who profited from their grief and those in NATO who promised them wunderwaffe weapons that would allow them goose step into Moscow but didn’t even give them a shroud in which to bury their loved ones, tens of thousands of whom are listed as missing in action.

Macgregor knows the war is lost. The American Democrats, who are now turning on the Biden organized crime family, know the war is lost. Though the Ukrainian Army fought as bravely and all too often often as savagely as their Wehrmacht heroes, they are not the Wehrmacht, who almost always inflicted far heavier casualties on their enemies than they suffered. Today, in Ukraine, Russia is killing up to a dozen Ukrainians for every Russian Zelensky’s Wehrmacht kills and, if this is to be a war of attrition, then Russian General Gerasimov has an abundance of men and materiel to carry the day. The Ukrainian war is in its end game. Checkmate is at hand. The only sensible move now for the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is to lay down their arms, to tip over their comedy king, and surrender Zelensky and the thugs of the SBU, along with their empty dreams of glory and wonder weapons, to anyone stupid enough to grant these crooks asylum.

By Declan Hayes Via https://strategic-culture.org/news/2023/01/22/zelensky-wunderwaffe-weapons/