What These Drugs They’re Pushing Aren’t

Plain English. A vaccine has historically – until just recently – always been understood to  confer immunity. To prevent infection and transmission. Hard stop. Period.

This is the basis upon which these drugs – which are not vaccines – were falsely sold to (and forced upon) the public. They were told they would not get the ‘Rona – and could not spread it to others. In other words, they were told they would be immunized.

In other words, the public was lied to. Fact. Hard stop.

The polio vaccine does not “reduce the symptoms” of polio.

If a drug does not confer immunity – if it does not prevent infection/transmission – then it is a palliative at best for that is what defines a palliative. Aspirin being an example. No one in their right mind would style aspirin a “vaccine.”

Yet people were told – lied to – that these drugs are “vaccines” and that they had a social obligation to take them for the sake of other people; i.e., so that they would not transmit their infection to other people.

The fact is these drugs prevent neither the getting nor the spreading and for that reason there is no moral case to be made for pressuring (let alone forcing) anyone to take these drugs for the sake of other people’s “safety.” Period. Because there is no benefit to other people. You are not “protecting” anyone else by taking these  drugs – and may well be hurting yourself.

These drugs are “vaccines” like a a device that doesn’t keep you afloat but smells good is a “life vest.” Anyone who insisted people at sea wear such “life vests” would be regarded – rightly – as an ignoramus criminally reckless and an asshole.

It is imperative that the assholes attempting to redefine what a “vaccine” is not be permitted to get away with it. Else they will get away with it again. They will oleaginously claim that all their drugs are “vaccines.” And they will then push these “vaccines” upon people who haven’t got high cholesterol or elevated blood pressure – on the same basis as they have been pushing these drugs that aren’t vaccines on people who aren’t sick and aren’t likely to become sick or get seriously sick if they do get sick.

The most effective way to prevent that is to stop using their words. Call these drugs what they are. Drugs. Not “vaccines.”

The facts about these drugs must be acknowledged and those who lied to the public in the most disgusting, cretinous manner imaginable be held to account for the mayhem they have caused

This is war. And there will be no prisoners taken when it goes hot.

Pick a side.

Via https://www.ericpetersautos.com/2023/01/20/what-these-drugs-theyre-pushing-arent/