Is there a borderline between finance and terrorism? It probably doesn’t exist anymore. War has become the best business of a dying capitalist world. And when a business is truly succulent, BlackRock, the most important global investment fund, is never missing. Even Ukraine will be their thing, even Ukraine is destined to end up in the customer portfolio of the company led by Larry Fink. There’s not much to be surprised at. The rule is simple: destroy or have a nation destroyed, unleash a conflict and then dress up as angels of peace and go and rebuild. It happened in the past: has anyone forgotten the tens of billions of dollars entrusted to the Texan company Hallyburton for the reconstruction of post-Saddam Iraq?

With the Russian-Ukrainian conflict still ongoing, and probably one step away from yet another military escalation, we are already thinking about the reconstruction of the nation bent by months of Russian bombing of infrastructure. International diplomacy shows its limits when it comes to talking about peace. But it is very efficient when it comes to switching to cash. Thus, with the war underway, there is already talk of the reconstruction of Ukraine. And they entrust the projects.

The plan for the reconstruction of Ukraine was discussed in Lugano in the first days of July last year. 41 countries and 19 international organizations participated in the Swiss convention. In the end it was decided to invest a gigantic jackpot: an amount equal to 750 billion dollars. But in this world of snakes and speculators nobody gives anything away. Loans only: and loans to be obtained at rather stringent conditions for the country. First condition: the privatization of most of the public companies. European and American sharks are ready to tear apart the remains of Ukraine’s corpse. It is not enough that Kiev is used as a battering ram in an anti-Russian function: now Ukraine, or what remains of that country, is considered as a gigantic cake to be divided up.

The biggest slice of that pie will end up in BlackRock’s hands. The courtship between Kiev and the company led by Fink has been going on for months. After the Swiss session and a rendez-vous in September, already last November the prestigious US firm had signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ukrainian Ministry of Economy.

Then Zelensky rushed to Washington. Always in rotten green military camouflage. He didn’t just meet Joe Biden. In his American meetings Zelenskyy met Larry Fink. At the end of the meeting, the president and the most powerful manager in the world gave their gentleman agreement in a press release. They agreed to “focus in the near term on coordinating the efforts of all potential investors and participants in the reconstruction of our country, channeling investments into the most relevant and impactful sectors of the Ukrainian economy”. A pouring rain of public and private funding is expected for Ukraine. BlackRock, one of the world’s largest investment managers, has provided “advisory support for the design of an investment framework, with the aim of creating opportunities for public and private investors to participate in the future reconstruction and recovery of the Ukrainian economy .”

By Piero Messina Via