The Luciferian Roots of the FBI and the Importance of the Immortality of the Soul

In this discussion with Shavon Ayala on American Media Periscope’s The Revealing, I was invited to discuss the new documentary written by Cynthia Chung called The Origins of America’s Secret Police and the deeper intersection of secret societies and intelligence agencies.

After discussing the essence of the luciferian doctrine underlying the FBI, the discussion delves into the ancient proto Luciferian cult of Apollo which controlled pre-Christian intelligence networks and which morphed from Babylon’s Cult of Marduk to become the dominant sect controlling the Roman Empire.

We contrast this darkness with the philosophical concepts of Plato and Augustinian Christianity that demonstrate the ontological necessity of 1) a reasonable and good Creator to be the architect and prima mobile of the universe followed by 2) humankind created in his image and endowed with immortal souls capable of both discovering and acting upon creation.