If the Buffalo Bills want to know if any of their players are vaccine injured, it’s easy to do so

Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz could always return to Kansas at any time, the same is true of the Buffalo Bills… if they want to assess whether their players have a heart injury or not, all they have to do is give Heart Care Corp. a call and arrange for a visit to their team.

The HeartCare screening is safe, non-invasive, and takes around 15 minutes.

Then they would know for sure if the COVID vaccine has injured their players. This will save lives.

Sound good?

Does the technology work?


They’ve screened vaccinated patients and the rates of clinical and subclinical myocarditis observed is so high you’d never believe I was telling the truth (hint: it’s well over 5% in the general public).

There are just two minor problems with my idea…

  1. The players won’t want to know because it could sideline them permanently
  2. The management won’t want to know because it would mean that they were responsible. It could also disqualify them from playing in further contests.

However, they could do a screening and just notify the individual players of their results, but make the aggregate statistics known to the public as a public service.


Airlines, professional sports teams, etc. could screen all their pilots, players, etc. This is especially important for airlines.

Will they?

I doubt it. The stakes are too high. They’d rather deal with a crashed plane than have to replace a lot of pilots.

I just wrote this article to point out that we have the solution.

What we lack is the courage to do the right thing.

The FAA won’t require screening since their job is to protect the public from terrorists, not from pilots suddenly dying in the cockpit.

President Biden is never going to call for safety screening since it would reveal he has crippled the American public.

But maybe a large employer which required the vaccine will offer a free heart screening to all employees. Will they then take responsibility for their actions? I doubt it.


Employees should be demanding this from any employer that required the vaccine. A mass screening of a single large company would generate statistics that would immediately halt the COVID vaccination program and reveal the depth of corruption at the FDA and CDC.

Maybe The New York TimesWashington Post, or CNN would do it for their employees? Wouldn’t that be interesting?

Or the military could do it for all their soldiers? Or just the pilots who fly expensive jets? Seems like cheap insurance to me. But of course, they’ll want to keep the results private so nobody finds out. After all, we wouldn’t want to upset the narrative now, would we?


Heart screening is available and inexpensive.

I sure hope SOMEONE does this and proves me wrong on all of this.

But I know what the post-vax myocarditis rates are, so I’m pretty sure nobody in the world is going to want to do this.

This is very sad.

Via https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/if-the-buffalo-bills-want-to-know