Forsaken Children of a Forged Pandemic

As the dark cloud of an ominous pandemic approached, the potential threat was exacerbated by a compromised medical establishment and the duplicity of governments and mass media. Authorities weaponized their response without a full evaluation of perils or objectives. Unfounded fear-mongering and empty assurances exasperated an already existing disorder. 

Anxiety and trepidation were instigated to justify the exploitation of the public. Because of hidden agendas, the origin of the virus was obscured. With statistics being manipulated, little is known about the actual virulence of a pathogen that has been blamed for rampant suffering.

Pharmaceutical giants quickly stepped in and opportunistically claimed they would provide all that was needed to eliminate the spread and dangers of a killer virus. To entrench their marketing position, they relied on and reiterated the baseless, widely held conventional wisdom that modern science and bio-medicine hold the only salvation to mitigate a human health disaster.

In lockstep, Big Pharma’s proxies promoted a false narrative exaggerating the risk of agonizing sickness and death. Allied forces in politics and corporate news insisted that mandates and lockdowns were absolutely necessary until a new vaccine was concocted and distributed.

Less incendiary reports predicted there was an emerging powerful strain of the flu, and that it might be dangerous to the elderly or those with pre-existing illnesses. In response to this manageable global health crisis, the public was deceived into thinking they were in great jeopardy and that the only effective solution was the rapid development of untested biotechnology.

Alarmingly, genuinely helpful preventive measures were scorned and reliable remedies were deemed useless and made scarce.

Those in power discharged illogical, hostile, and destructive edicts that will reverberate for generations. Even as details of the failures are revealed, those responsible dismiss the damaging repercussions of their ineffective countermeasures.

The COVID-19 debacle has exposed the degree to which malevolent tactics lead to instability and harm. Nowhere is this effect more intense than with children; their experience over the last few years provides a window into the dysfunctional state of humanity.

Targeting The Vulnerable

Parents, researchers, and psychotherapists quickly became aware of how children were being harmed by lockdowns, masks, and school closures.

Detrimental policies severely impacted the basic need for verbal and non-verbal interaction. Many young children aren’t speaking because of the covered faces surrounding them. Adults, school systems, and governments have battered a generation by restricting respiration and limiting essential communication.  

The coercive, fear-inducing dictates, with concurrent isolation and alienation, accelerated the degradation of a cruel environment where individuality is discouraged or shunned. Arbitrary measures reinforced a trend that had already been causing emotional damage.

Nasty, anti-social behavior has been escalating for years. Shaming and bullying have become normalized, despite attempts to quell them. In the effort to conform behavior for the sake of battling a virus, bullying became acceptable to enforce rules and restrictions, and ultimately; submitting to an experimental vaccination regimen.

This madness was broadly tolerated and inflicted with unbridled dogmatic conviction. With a transparent display of deference, the media continued to echo the prescribed narrative, demanding obedience without ethical considerations. Public indoctrination was the objective, enforced easily through a vast and invasive technological network.

An inordinate amount of time spent on phones and computers has greatly contributed to the destabilization of society. It is not the digital screen on its own that is damaging to a child’s development or decorum. The two-dimensional images give the illusion of trustworthy intimacy, yet only provide a false sense of contact with others. The lack of direct interaction often initiates feelings of inadequacy and diminished self-worth. 

Children are often placed in front of a screen before they can talk, initiating a life-long habitual need. Teens are endlessly chatting or posting on social media; adults rarely have a day without the influence of illusory or distracting information from an electronic display.

Because of the addictive nature of communication devices, their potential for selling products and disseminating falsehoods is unbounded. Without any sign of principled standards of truth — a tsunami of posts, promos, tweets, speeches, directives, and warnings — all insisted the pandemic was a gargantuan existential threat. This dire message was repeated everywhere to ensure conformity: dictatorial rules must be strictly obeyed by everyone without doubts or questions.

The vast majority of people were already groomed and vulnerable to these tyrannical self-righteous declarations. The rhetoric and enforced isolation induced a greater degree of separation between everyone. An atmosphere of acquiescence has been entrenched, supporting the misconception that individuals don’t have control over their destinies; enabling further abuse and deception. Disconnected from nature and creativity, compliant populations lost all common sense under the impact of ridiculous mandates and counterproductive lockdowns.

Parents were distracted from being guardians; the facade of an exaggerated global crisis misled them into victimizing their offspring. The continuous overt willingness to dismiss or ignore the unnecessary suffering of children reveals a radical departure from natural instinct and sensitivity. Irrational and immoral responses to the pandemic continue to fuel a devastating plight.

The effects of the virus do not compete with the damage humans are inflicting upon their young.

Adding Injury to Insult

As the threat of a deadly disease eclipsed all normality, many infants and toddlers intuitively sensed disconnect and danger — reflecting their parents’ persona — mirroring dismay and fear in facing a menacing future.

Children don’t understand why their lives profoundly changed, particularly when the reality of danger hasn’t been clear or present. They have been ordered to obey edicts that have altered their behavior within homes and communities. Young people continue to feel powerless, while the only real threat to them was a tirade of restrictive measures that could rise again at any moment. They are appropriately confused and apprehensive about an environment that is grievously out of balance.

Over previous decades, an unprecedented number of young people recognized they existed in a realm where much of the joyfulness of interaction had already been crushed. With the pandemic’s limitations on freedom, many children wondered if they would ever find a secure place within the surge of threatening and dangerous risks. As repressive measures surrounded them, including physical barriers, social distancing, and school closures, they were increasingly harmed by the inability to develop or maintain friendships.

Confinement and restriction are devasting psychological afflictions that have been forced upon children. Excessive and obsessive control leads to anxiety, depression, and antisocial behavior. Authoritarian regulation, whether from parents, teachers, or governments, induces disempowerment, which exacerbates both aggressive and self-destructive behavior. The fallout from this tense climate is only beginning to permeate the world, further revealing the failures of policies and protocols.

Although increasing steadily over the last ten years, homicides of children spiked sharply during the pandemic. Murder, not disease nor car accidents, is the leading cause of childhood deaths in the United States; now exacerbated by unnecessary and confining official regulations.

Unnatural constraints and isolation also greatly account for the incidence of teenage suicide. Reports confirm that the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically raised the number of adolescents taking their own lives. 

Self-harm is the ultimate gauge of desperation and hopelessness. Those who engendered and promoted the senseless pandemic lockdowns and quarantines are responsible and accountable for this tragic development.

Within the aura of horrific intentional destabilization, the promotion of vaccines surged into an overt sales campaign. With unrelenting repetitive claims that they were safe and effective, the vaccines were bestowed as a panacea. Initially, they were pushed on those with compromised health and the elderly, but in relatively quick succession, every possible group was targeted.

This immense pressure to inoculate everyone eventually included children. The rationale was also fabricated; much like the claims of safety and effectiveness.

The COVID vaccines were not only incapable of stopping the spread of the disease; they are also likely to make recipients susceptible to the virus and its symptoms. This revelation on its own shows the duplicity and dangers of the campaign to vaccinate children.

Because youngsters have great resistance to all diseases, they are more vulnerable to the capricious and injurious interventions of a society that has lost its understanding of good health. Routinely vaccinating healthy infants and young children is based on the false assumption that medical science can create compounds that usurp the complex and wondrous power of natural immunity.

Unless there is a life-changing disorder, there is no excuse to experiment and tamper with the brilliance of human genetics and inborn resistance to disease.

Despite absolute confirmation that children have innate protection from COVID-19, a manipulative threat was conceived and disseminated. The most appalling disinformation claimed that unvaccinated, symptom-free children could spread the disease, and thus be responsible for the illness and death of their elders. This fabrication, blindly accepted by parents and hurled at innocent youngsters, was a crushing deception and an immoral violation, motivated by the ambitions of charlatans and profiteers.

The ongoing campaign to vaccinate children isn’t grounded in logic or science, yet this doesn’t matter to the powerful and greedy. When a childhood vaccine is approved, manufacturers receive protection from claims by adults who are damaged by vaccination; this indemnity is among a vast entanglement of laws and statutes that securely protect the financial interests of Big Pharma.

It is not difficult to understand that reasonable evaluation of “risks versus benefits” has been replaced by an unscrupulous standard; “minimize corporate risks, maximize monetary benefits.” Induced hysteria was intentionally and aggressively launched to ensure success for very few, at a great loss to everyone else.

Inciting fear to maintain control or profit exhibits a despicable fraudulent mentality. The push to jab children demonstrates the ruthless operations of a vastly compromised system. The barbaric and bribed government officials who enforce this agenda are outright co-conspirators with vaccine manufacturers.

Children remain helpless to defend themselves against the promoted paranoia and their parent’s insistence that they need to be vaccinated. Needless and potentially damaging vaccines continue to be blindly approved and injected into the healthy bodies of infants and adolescents.

With eyes opened wide to the panic and plied with a potentially dangerous experimental compound, children watched their parents succumb to external authorities and become unable to function normally. They recognize the disorder around them, well aware that those they looked to for stability are losing any semblance of self-determination. When an adult’s basic material responsibility is to protect, shelter and feed a child — and that ability is threatened or reduced — all aspects of health become impaired.

Children are forlorn and unprotected against future crises, mandates, and a social order that has lost any understanding of what is important for their good health. They bear the greatest short and long-term burdens.

Although all of the vaccinated are in danger of damage to their health, young and healthy recipients of the COVID vaccines have had the greatest number of acute adverse effects.

We witness an unprecedented, unethical, and criminal assault on children’s health by powerful corporate and political forces. The full impact on children from the misguided response of those who should have protected them is just beginning to unfold.

When tampering with the mechanics of the human genome, long-term traumatic reactions are very likely to manifest over years — and generations.

Tolerance of Abuse

The pandemic response also highlights how familial relationships have degraded with the loss of self-reliance and undue external pressures. Although the current climate dramatically exposes this failure, it is important to consider how parenting has become deeply problematic.

All of us were children, and the children of today will be the adults of tomorrow; our childhood remains within us as a powerful guide. To a great degree, early experiences determine what we tolerate — and direct us in guiding toddlers and teens.

Understanding the basic dynamics of our early years gives us a greater perspective in making decisions. By acknowledging the faults of those who raised us — and avoiding those traits — each new generation theoretically becomes more capable of living by ethical principles and greater wisdom.

An antithetical, harmful pattern has become dominant. Often, the neglected or abused child, without intervention, grows up to be a neglectful or abusive parent. And a culture that allows negligent abuse in any form, sustains an aggressive, self-justifying, hostile force in the world.

Most modern societies have lessened, both inadvertently and intentionally, the closeness and security that promotes happy and stable extended families. The disconnect and lack of loving interaction adversely influence the lives of children; and by extension, parents, and grandparents.

Tolerance of the pandemic response exposes the loss of integrity, direction, and an incredible degree of numbness to exploitation.

The public has been groomed to accept suppression and suspension of basic freedoms. Life-altering vaccine injuries and premature deaths are framed as inevitable because of an ongoing health emergency. Gratuitous torment endured by children and adults has been institutionalized because we are purportedly at war with a pathogen.

This inane fallacy is promoted as a justification for accepting the devastating harm from the authorized pandemic response. The subjugated are continually assured this is the only way of returning to serene normality, but a well-adjusted reality hasn’t existed in modern times. What remains certain is a downward-spiraling repetition of self-destructive behavior, ensuring continuing degeneration of the ability to genuinely care for each other.

Incredibly, even with the rising voices of those who have been harmed by vaccines, and the noble efforts of individuals unafraid to speak the truth, the push towards dystopia has not altered its course.

Governments continue to suppress freedom of thought and speech with bitter rhetoric. Contact tracing and other invasions of privacy developed during the pandemic are now in use worldwide by law enforcement; a huge step has been taken towards a police state in a number of supposedly democratic countries.

Those unwilling to endure social, emotional, and corporal violations of the highest order — and refusing to comply with a ridiculous healthcare scheme — are deemed treacherous and sub-human. Over the use of a vaccine, the questioning of authority has become taboo; even when facing the loss of basic human freedoms.

This noxious insanity and justification of unnecessary hardship — particularly while tolerating vaccine injury — is a clear sign that civilization is severely impaired. There are no beneficiaries of this catastrophe.

Further repressive and harmful violations are being implemented; including ongoing vaccination for children and adults for a slate of new variants and diseases. Government interference in personal health decisions continues to be tolerated by defenseless populations. 

Although the most recent affront has awakened many to the need for change, human rights violations, including denying medical autonomy, are symptoms of a deep, prevailing syndrome. If humans don’t uphold an environment encouraging parents to protect and nourish children, by default, destructive cycles and painful relationships will continue to dominate.

The struggle to regain sanity and harmony seems daunting.

Resisting The Madness

Despite the existential menacing disorder, the pattern can be broken. Current trends have not eliminated basic knowledge and ancient wisdom that is essential for raising healthy and cheerful children.

An infant craves contact, warmth, and affection. From the moment babies depart the incomparable security of a mother’s womb, they seek communication and connection. For thousands of years, most indigenous cultures continuously carried and held their babies — and slept with toddlers in the same bed — establishing life-long emotional security. This initial nurturing bond is the foundation of belonging and self-worth.

Strength and balance are intertwined with caring, conscientious proximity. Those who nourish an infant’s well-being and give unconditional love are the source of vitality. Contemporary civilization has overshadowed this simple knowledge in favor of using a range of damaging products; including vaccines, infant formulas, and de-natured foods. Technology has usurped intimacy.

The ongoing challenges of raising healthy children are seemingly relentless, yet the adaptability of youngsters is spectacular. For example, if babies born prematurely are protected in an incubator — without primary contact — and receive subsequent affection; they can become joyful, whole human beings. Despite the most demanding circumstances and events, people of all ages have enormous resilience. There is always a creative and compassionate way forward.

Successful parenting is feasible with reinforcement from an awakened, virtuous community. Sadness, anxiety, depression, and bodily illness in children can be reduced by resisting and eliminating the pressures of a misdirected social order. If the harmful influences of a deranged culture are recognized as such, they will be mitigated by instinctive, mindful intervention. And this is essential if human life has any hope of evolving beyond the conflicted, hostile, and aggressive condition we find ourselves in currently.

The primary causes of today’s problems are often associated with technological vulgarity and temporal attachment. These forces are the result of a long-developing, deep disconnect with the natural order.

The height of materialism isn’t exhibited solely by desire or wealth. An unfounded, destabilizing illusion prevails that we are mechanistic devices that can be re-engineered and enhanced to become something better; as though humans have inherent inadequacies and design imperfections.

Our form is miraculous, although human behavior has much room for improvement.

Most of the threats we face today can be traced to the bold and erroneous assumption of self-centered pre-eminence. Anthropomorphic arrogance ignores the interconnectedness of all things and defies the reality of our collective interests with everything in our environment.

Recent events confirm the exponential advancement of divisive trends. Those who promote the ungrounded perspective of human dominance over everything, have no concept of the cataclysmic aftermath of meddling with our core design.

The disastrous influences on childhood development are the impediments to establishing a peaceful society. Supporting children’s physical and psychological health is imperative for humanity’s evolution.

Our threatening predicament at times seems insurmountable. Yet children embody the seeds of hope for the future; they simply need love and nurturing to grow into healthy and happy adults. There is a rational, conscientious course correction: supporting a world that ensures children’s freedom from all forms of abuse, indoctrination, coercion, and unnecessary inoculations.