Syria Is Not Another NATO Narco State

The stolid resistance of the Syrian people will still be saluted when every last one of us is dead and buried, Declan Hayes writes.

NATO’s’ claims to the contrary, the Syrian Arab Republic is not another failed NATO narco state. Because it is an unbowed republic, that continues to suffer from illegal air raids and illegal occupation by the U.S., Israel and their jihadist proxies, the stolid resistance of the Syrian people will still be saluted when every last one of us is dead and buried.

Although NATO has spared no expense in smearing Syria and her allies, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah in the main, they have the considerable problem that many of their propagandists are thick as shit mercenaries. This is particularly true of those leading NATO’s charge that Syria is a narco state, much like the NATO puppet state of Bosnia & Herzogovina, which NATO illegally and very bloodily wrested from the rest of Serbia.

Take the case of Irish citizen and Peter Tatchell confidant Ronan Tynan, who can be seen here showing himself to be an idiot as he unsuccessfully defends NATO’s White Helmets murder gang. If one follows his Twitter account, it becomes apparent that he doggedly follows the NATO line not only on Syria, but also on Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Iran and wherever else it is NATO is currently slaughtering the innocent. The fact that RTE, Ireland’s state controlled TV, gives him free advertizing, or that prominent Irish Russophobe Ivana Bacik, whose grandfather ran four mega factories for the Waffen SS in Czechoslovakia, gives him and other NATO cronies unfettered access to the Irish Parliament, does not change any of that. Former SAS gunman and BBC camera crew man Paul Conroy, who led Syria’s jihadists in Homs, show cases Tynan’s videos in Hong Kong not because of their intrinsic work but because he, Tynan and their MI5 paymasters wish to bring Syria’s mayhem to Hong Kong and all other parts of China that are in NATO’s cross hairs.

Although I have given Tynan more than his due here, the point, one I have repeatedly made in earlier articles, is that NATO’s apologists are pitiable liars and that is why, again in previous articles, I scoff at their puerile libels against Syria’s Asma Assad and Russian President Putin.

These latest smears that Syria’s Assad family are major kingpins in the international market in illicit drugs are, likewise, as puerile as they are vacuous.

These latest charges center around the Syrian President’s brother, Maher al-Assad, who commands the Syrian Republic’s Fourth Armoured Division which, with the Tiger Forces, stands at the heart of Syria’s defense. The allegations, made not only by Tynan’s rump Irish (sic) Syrian (sic) Solidarity (sic) Movement (sic) but also by most major NATO news outlets, is that Maher and his soldiers are major players in the world’s captagon market.

Captagon, a member of the fenethylline and amphetamine family of psycho-stimulants, is widely abused throughout the Middle East and it is one I first came across in 2014 when we recaptured trenches our jihadist enemies had abandoned in the Syrian Armenian town of Kesab on the Turkish border. Scores, if not hundreds of awe struck Syrians, soldiers and civilians alike, told me how the rebels’ NATO commanders fed the terrorists shovel fulls of these psycho stimulants so they would fight like lunatics until the Syrian Arab Army dispatched them to the hereafter.

The point here is, though captagon has been a part of Tynan’s beloved Syrian uprising since the beginning, it is those who fought with Tynan’s rebels who were jacked up on it. There are even scores of videos of captured jihadists still out of their minds on captagon, who had not the faintest clue who they were or what they were supposed to be doing. Though these captagon killers were the very epitome of canon fodder, the point is they and their captagon were on the rebel side of the lines, not on Maher Assad’s side.

Though captagon may be also produced on the government side of the lines, it would make no sense to produce it there and then, as NATO allege, have to smuggle it out to the far more lucrative markets of Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states, where it is very popular. Why not produce it in the Gulf, or on the Indian subcontinent, which are not blockaded to the criminal degree that Syria is?

And why are the Italian and Dutch criminal gangs, who produce much of Europe’s amphetamine, not controlling the production of captagon? Why are they sharing this considerable pie with Syria’s Fourth Armored Brigade which carry all kinds of reputational risk for those colluding with them?

It makes no sense. But, then it is not supposed to. The reports by the New York Times, France 24 and the Guardian are simply parts of NATO’s war on Syria, a war those NATO mouthpieces, as well as L’Orient Jour and Tynan’s have been fully and criminally complicit in.

Such evidence as L’Orient unearthed implicates a Saudi Prince, as well as pockets of collaborators in the airports of Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, where collaborating with the Assad family would bring swift retribution in the form of a public execution.

The alleged discovery of a cargo of captagon on a ship that sailed between Latakia, one of Syria’s two main ports, and Greece, likewise proves nothing, the bleatings of NATO’s Carnegie Trust and related NATO outlets notwithstanding. We have here, for example, a murder trial taking place of Gerry Hutch, Ireland’s leading gangster, who is charged with killing a key officer in the Kinahan drugs’ cartel, one of the world’s most powerful drug groups at a boxing weigh in right beside where the all-knowing Ronan Tynan’s offices are based. Just as there are so many false trails, political fallouts and sub plots with that murder, so also are there with powerful captagon cartels. One piece of evidence, whether tainted or not, does not a smoking gun make, all the more so when the spy machinery of both NATO and Israel watch Latakia closer than a cat watches a mouse hole.

The other piece of apparently damning evidence against the Assad family is that Brune Carbone, a top Mafia leader, was caught crossing from Turkey into rebel held Syria, from where he hoped to enter government held Syria and team up with Assad’s 4th Armored Division. But that too makes no sense at all. Syria is not a place where innocents, no matter if they are members of the mafia or not, can wander around at will. If the rebels had not arrested him, the government forces, if they didn’t shoot him first when he tried to infiltrate their lines, would most definitely have arrested him. I know this as Australian and British citizens I brought to Syria were arrested in the Old City of Damascus, not on the front lines where Carbone was supposedly headed, for not having papers on them.

My hypothesis is Carbone was obviously sent to broker a deal with the rebel gangsters and, when it fell apart, the terrorists arrested Carbone. Not only does that make more sense than NATO’s attempts to frame the Assad family but these UN reports here, here, here, here here, here and here show that Turkey and its satellite nations remain as central to the world’s drug routes as they were when The Turk sat down with Don Corleone to discuss business in The Godfather.

This was a view shared by George W Bush’ regime at a time when the U.S. was centrally implicated in funding its Central American extermination campaigns with its illegal gains from narcotics and when they murdered journalist Gary Webb for exposing those crimes, which U.S. Marine Colonel Oliver North fronted for the U.S. narco state.

Although I have met members of the Assad family, I have not met Maher, who has more important things to do than to discuss matters with me or, indeed, to risk his country’s reputation by entering the notoriously treacherous international narcotics market, where NATO would pay a king’s ransom far above whatever shekels Tynan and his ilk can command to implicate him. Though I have not met him, I have a very good non-Syrian Arab friend, who has met Maher, at his request, not at that of my friend. Maher’s sole focus, so my friend told me, was the same focus both The Tiger and his friend, General Armageddon, have. It is to win the war and to have not only Syria and Palestine but the wider world free from all of NATO malfeasance, the use of captagon and their other drugs of dependence included. The civilized world must support all three of them in that regar.

By Declan Hayes Via