UPDATE on the Grant Wahl story: One week after Wahl’s sudden death, disturbing new evidence that mRNA shots can cause aneurysms in healthy people

A healthy five-year-old boy suffered a severe coronary artery aneurysm less than two months after his first Pfizer Covid jab, physicians reported in a paper published Friday.

The boy had previously had a mild Covid infection, but the physicians believed the mRNA shot might have been responsible for the aneurysm and advised his parents to delay a second shot indefinitely.

Fortunately, the boy recovered following hospitalization and multiple anti-inflammatory treatments, including steroids and a monoclonal antibody usually used to treat serious auto-immune disorders. He required a much longer course of steroids than is normal, the physicians reported.

The report describes only one case. But it shows that mRNA shots may carry a risk of causing aneurysms – bulges in blood vessels thay can be fatal if they burst – in healthy people.

On Dec. 9, Grant Wahl, a prominent soccer reporter who had publicly advocated for Covid vaccines, died suddenly in Qatar while covering the World Cup.

On Wednesday, Dr. Celine Gounder, Wahl’s wife and an infectious disease physician who in 2021 advocated for Covid vaccine passports to enter public places, said a ruptured aortic aneurysm had caused Wahl’s death. Wahl’s death could not have been vaccine-related, Dr. Gounder said.

Covid vaccine advocates went on to attack me and anyone else who questioned whether Wahl’s history of mRNA vaccinations could have played any role in the development of his aneurysm.

Of course, this case does not prove anything about Wahl’s death. But it is evidence that the shots may contribute to cardiovascular problems beyond their known risk of myocarditis – and it shows, yet again, how little we know about potential short- and long-term side effects from mRNA shots, even after more than 1 billion people have received them.


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