Germany and Peru Coup Attempts? WEF Engineered False Flags?

Some German and other European mainstream media reported early on 7 December 2022 an attempted coup in Germany. Extreme right wing “groups”, linked to Germany’s right wing party AfD (Alternative for Germany), attempted to overthrow the current German government in a coup.

As reported by several media, about 3,000 German police and possibly military were roaming 11 of the 16 German Bundesländer (German Federal States), and arrested some 25 to 35 suspects, including they say one Russian citizen. Of course, bad-bad Russia must be involved. They had links to “terrorist groups”, who were about to take over Berlin.

Can you imagine this to happen in one of the most civilized countries in Europe? Well, that’s the story. But the story is so weak, it wasn’t picked up by many mainstream media.

But of course, clearly a False Flag served or was supposed to serve as a deviation maneuver to distract people – and business leaders – from their active attempts to de-globalize Germany.

Germany, with the strongest economy in the European Union, with the best educated people, and currently with the most repressive government in Europe, could become a “liability” for the Dark Deep Cult State’s plan to de-industrialize Europe, all under the pretext of energy shortage – Russia’s fault – and so no escape to other sources of energy could be found; the Green Climate Change Agenda must kick in.

Germany, indeed with the best educated Europeans, the most aware EU citizens, is not just ready to fall over backwards to please the criminal liars of the German government and the corrupt von der Leyen clan of Brussels.

Germany’s industrialists are equally unready to just collapse following the will of the financial-digital-military colossus behind Washington, no need for further details at this point.

In fact, a few weeks ago, German industrialists, several dozens, took SP-puppet (Socialist Party) Olaf Scholz by the hand and traveled to Beijing for a one-day meeting with President Xi Jinping, returned with signed contracts for US$ 18 billion equivalent, including Belt and Road deals. Not just for Germany – also for other EU countries. See this.

It is unlikely that Germany will just cave in to the globalist cabal. In fact, they are determined to resist. And by doing so, will pull the resistance of other countries, other non-globalists with them, to get back to an “assembly” or association of sovereign European nations that will outlast the faltering and ever more visibly corrupt European Union, led by Queen von der Leyen with her links to Pfizer.

Among the most flagrant acts of corruption, the European Union and PfizerBioNTech have signed a deal for up to 1.8 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, as reported by in March of 2021, see this. That’s 4 doses per EU citizen. Paid for with the people’s money. To fight a fraud-virus, or better, to have at least 4 kill-shots for each EU citizen.

Most certainly, Madame von der Leyen has never been vaxxed, and if she did so for the rolling cameras, it was with a placebo like all Klaus Schwab (WEF) scholars. Madame von der Leyen sits on the Board of Trustees of the WEF.

But enough. Just to indicate the shameless corruption at the level of leadership (sic) of the EU.

Back to the German coup attempt of Wednesday, 7 December.

Already in July 2017, DW (Deutsche Welle) reported about a CIA hacking base in Frankfurt. WikiLeaks documents reveal CIA agents were given cover identities and diplomatic passports to enter the country. The base was used to remotely develop hacking tools as part of the CIA’s massive digital arsenal. See this.

It is, therefore, quite possible that such a false coup attempt was directed from Washington to deter Germans from their resistance to the globalist agenda, i.e. the Great Reset and the Agenda 2030, as well as all digitizing, all-destructing, all-enslaving Klaus Schwab’s wet dream, the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Nobody on this planet in his / her clear mind wants to be robotized, or digitized, chipped so as to become a transhuman. Transhumanism is one of the master-eugenists, Schwab, Gates, Rockefeller et al, tools to reduce the world population. Another one is the deadly vaccine shot, that if it doesn’t kill, de-fertilizes women and men, and disables many of them for life.

This is already proven – in Germany infertility has increased by about 40%. In Australia the figure is even higher. Excess mortality has not started from the beginning of 2020, when the plandemic was announced, as they would like you to believe, but only in 2021, after the massive and coercive vaxx-campaign started in mid-December 2020. On average, in Europe excess mortality since the beginning 2021 amounts to between 15% and 25%. And that’s just the beginning.

So, people are waking up and standing up. And they should. Germans should pull with them other Europeans.

And especially German industrialists do not intend to cave in to these western forces, western globalist lies, about Climate Change, and energy shortages, energy saving when they look across the Atlantic, to the US of A – where in most Federal States absolutely no energy savings program is in place.

While Europe is supposed to be freezing to death…

At the same time, as if it were a coincidence – we know, there are no coincidences – this morning, 7 December 2022, an internal coup attempt took place in Peru. President Pedro Castillo, a so-called socialist, was about to be “lifted” from his presidency – for a third time in his less than a two-year tenure – by a parliamentary no-confidence vote.

Hours before the vote was supposed to take place, Castillo closed and disbanded Congress and all his Cabinet in a similar way President Fujimori carried out an auto-coup in 1992, dissolving Congress; from then on reigning autocratically until he eventually was deposed in 2000. Except, Fujimori had the army on his side. Ultra-corrupt Castillo doesn’t.

Castillo was immediately arrested and who took over? Castillo’s Vice-President, Ms. Dina Boluarte, a close ally of Klaus Schwab’s (see photo). Ms. Boluarte immediately had herself being sworn in and declared she would assume the Presidency until 2026, when the next elections are due.

This is totally unconstitutional. Within 90 days, extendable to 180 days, new elections must be held. In the meantime, Peru’s Constitutional Court has made that point. Did Boluarte and Schwab think they would get away with it?

Will see how this develops further. Peru is not comparable to Germany, of course. Nevertheless, it is not excluded that Schwab with the remote instruments of the CIA instigated a false flag in Germany.

For all practical purposes, it is just another wakeup call for Germany.

Again, Germany’s populace is educated and her business leaders are determined not to collapse, but to connect with the East – as per historic tradition – long before the US-Anglosaxon Empire was born, Europe was and is part of greater Eurasia with Russia and China.

This connection will be revived.

Never forget, the sun rises in the East.

That’s where the future is.

By Peter Koenig Via