Dr. David Martin blasts health authorities for turning roughly 4 billion people into “bioweapons factories”

Financial analyst and self-help entrepreneur Dr. David Martin has slammed public health authorities around the world for forcing roughly four billion people to take the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) mRNA “kill shots,” turning them into biological weapons in the process.

“The reason why [the mRNA injections] are important and distinct is that they turn your body into being what I refer to as the bioweapons factory,” Martin told “Man in America” host Seth Holehouse. “Because legally, when you actually create a thing that manufactures a known pathogen, that is actually biological weapon manufacturing and the fact that your body is doing it means you’re a bioweapons factory.”

He pointed out that this “scamdemic” that paved the way for billions people to submit to the “experimental” vaccine mandate, would cause a fundamental existential problem with humanity. “That means that we have mRNA and we have DNA modifications that are going to not only impact this generation, but will also impact generations to come,” he said.

Martin related this as well to the 10-year National Science Foundation grant that gave rise to the company now known as Moderna. Through its COVID-19 vaccine partnership with the U.S. government, Moderna picked up nearly $1 billion in research aid. Then, it joined the list of pharmaceutical companies to take a supply order from the federal government.

“So anybody who wants to sit back and pretend like this is some sort of innocuous thing and it doesn’t have any long effects is absolutely ludicrous,” he said.

According to Martin, the best-case scenario would be the death or disability of 300 million vaccinated individuals. These many people would be incapacitated and would not be able to contribute to the economy, as per his risk management analysis.

The worst case, on the other hand, would be the death of more than three billion people.

“When you think about the combination of the death rates that are coming off of the injections and the fertility and miscarriage problems coming off of people exposed to the spike protein, this is a much more catastrophic event,” he noted.

Mandatory vaccination of cows a direct attack on food supply

Elsewhere in the show, Martin also discussed with Holehouse how the mRNA technology would be eventually injected into livestock per the Food and Drug Administration‘s (FDA’s) most recent standards.

According to an InfoWars article back in October, dairy farmers in Australia are now being forced to inject the gene-altering vaccine that contains spike protein into their cattle so they could remain in business. And just like in humans, the experimental jabs are causing severe damage to the animals as 35 out of 200 cows died immediately after being administered the injection. (Related: Nearly 2 in 10 cows injected with mRNA vaccine DIE almost instantly.)

Analysts consider the mandatory vaccination of cows as a direct attack on the food supply. Many of them are asking if the milk and other by-products would contain the spike protein that actually harmed the animals.

This was in line with Martin’s analysis that allowing cows to be injected would just be the gate opening for injecting the “kill shots” into other forms of food supply.

“And not unlike what we’ve seen with now, over 50 percent of the population have gastrointestinal problems because of our gene therapies in plants and crops,” he stated, adding that in case this “dangerous move” pushes through, 70 to 80 percent of the world’s population is going to be directly impacted by the mRNA modified meats and foods in the next five years.

Watch the full episode of “Man in America” with Seth Holehouse and Dr. David Martin below.

By Belle Carter Via https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-12-09-david-martin-blasts-authorities-people-bioweapons-factories.html