Video: Woke Military Threatens Mother Who Questioned LGBTQ School Indoctrination

Update: Carlson has now interviewed the mother. 

Tucker Carlson highlighted a story Wednesday concerning a New Jersey mother being told she is being “monitored” by local law enforcement at the behest of military personnel who didn’t like her social media posts questioning sexualisation of children in school.

Angela Reading alerted other parents of children in the North Hanover Township Elementary School District that children from grade 4 up are being encouraged to research topics of sexuality and create LGBTQ+ posters.

Suddenly, the concerned mom found herself the target of one Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Shilling, who stated that the Joint Base (McGuire, Fort Dix and Lakehurst) are looking into her posts and informing law enforcement.


Carlson noted “a military base is not a ‘law enforcement agency’. The purpose of the military is to defend us from foreign enemies, not to police our Facebook posts. This is mind boggling.”


It seems that the Lieutenant Colonel,who has his (he/him) pronouns in his social media bios, like is one of this gang:

As we have previously highlighted, the sexualisation of children in schools is a nationwide issue.

Many parents have spoken out against books and subject matter, including transgenderism, pedophilia, gay pornography, and critical race theory, that children as young as Kindergarten age are being subjected to.

Parents have found themselves under attack by leftists and even government entities over recent months after taking on school officials, meanwhile the media is framing the opposition from parents as some kind of Puritan purge.