My Talking Head Today.

Especially for those who still exercise illusions on “Putin was duped”. Per the scale of losses in Russian Civil War–varies from 7 to 12 million, with KIAs alone anywhere from 3 to 5 million–I address the “applicability” of the US Civil War to Russia’s Civil War and, of course, to modern SMO. Per Newsweek’s article–American warfare experiences, especially US Civil War, are simply inapplicable to continental warfare Russia fought for millennium. 


Per Pentagon “green-lighting” attacks on Russia. I guess they are about 9 months late to the show, but PR and modern “American way of war” are inseparable. In fact, 90% of it is about PR. 
In addition: per Russian Civil War–finally Naumov’s and Alov’s masterpiece per Bulgakov’s Бег (Flight), with English subtitles. With the cast and cinematography for the ages. From 1970. 

Part 1 and Part 2.                     

The movie immortalized itself through numerous one-liners. And again, it is difficult to explain the scale of events in historic Russia from 1905 through 1991.