A tip of the hat to The Asylum for nailing the meme. I had to check the calendar to make sure it was not April 1st when I heard the news that Time magazine named Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky Man of the Year. It also crossed my mind that the Babylon Bee was doing a follow up on its satirical cover featuring “Rachel” Levine as Man of the Year.

The Babylon Bee was joking (I thought it hilarious). Time magazine may be a joke, but is dead serious in naming Zelensky its Man of the Year. The Asylum, to its credit, beat Babylon Bee to the punch in correctly ridiculing this decision.


So, let’s take a test. Good luck.

Who imposed a ban on all opposition political parties — Vladimir Putin or Volodymry Zelensky?

The Eighth Administrative Court of Appeals in Lyiv, Ukraine ruled in favor of Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice on June 21 and banned the Opposition Platform For Life, the main opposition political party. All funds and property of the party were ordered to be turned over to the government, which is headed by President Volodymyr Zelensky. 

Who shuttered all opposition media — Vladimir Putin or Volodymry Zelensky?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj last week banned the opposition media news site Strana.ua and imposed sanctions on its editor-in-chief, Ihor Huzhva. Lawyers have criticised these measures for their “lack of legal basis”. This decision comes only six months after closing down three TV channels in early 2021. The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) joined its affiliate in Ukraine, the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (NUJU), in calling this extrajudicial action a threat to press freedom and media pluralism in the country.

Who closed down the Russian Orthodox Church and jailed priests — Vladimir Putin or Volodymry Zelensky?

The Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council decided on 1 December 2022 to “prohibit religious organizations affiliated with Russian Federation centers of influence from operating in Ukraine”, announced by President Zelensky while signing Decree 820/2022.

The “integral nationalists” had already outlawed the Orthodox Church during the Second World War.

The “State Service for Ethnopolitics and Freedom of Conscience” (nice name for a racist concept!) was tasked with closing down the buildings of the Orthodox Church under the Patriarchate of Moscow. A dozen popes have been arrested so far.

These actions — reminiscent of the Soviet Union under Stalin — are no longer part of Russia today. Hell, President Putin converted to Orthodox Christianity. Not what you would expect from Hitler re-incarnated, according to legions of Putin critics. These tyrannical acts are the handiwork of the cocaine cowboy of Kiev, Mr. Volodymry Zelensky. Why is he doing this? Here are some possibilities:

  1. He is Jewish and thinks he is battling Palestinians?
  2. He is a short comedian and is compensating for his inadequacy?
  3. He is a frustrated actor and is following a script and playing a role hoping to snag an Academy Award?
  4. He is punishing the parties, the media and the church for disrupting his access to cocaine?

If the Association of Ukrainian Undertakers and Funeral Parlors had named Zelensky, Man of the Year, I could understand that. He has been great for them. Or, alternatively, the criminal organizations of Ukraine certainly had good reasons to celebrate Zelensky for boosting their bottom-line this year.

Speaking of absurd, have you seen the following video? It is first class satire. Clearly something that Zelensky is incapable of doing: