Who Are These People?

If you thought it was over – Ronamonomania, that is – it isn’t. The “G20” – cuing Seinfeld’s “who-are-these-people?” – recently decided, without any of us having asked them to, that there ought to be something called a Global Digital Health Certificate, without which we will be “locked down” in whatever country we happen to live in.

Also likely within whatever country we happen to live in.

The terminology is interesting because so many news stories about the G20’s proclamation apparently failed to understand what is meant by it. Most assumed that what is meant by Global Digital Health Certificate is vaccine passports.

Which they are, of course. But they are also something more. Read it again. Digital Health Certificate. Not “vaccine.”


What is subsumed under “health”?

Well, you name it!

How about mental health, for instance? And who will get to define that? Will it be the same good offices that attempted to characterize the raising of questions about forcing everyone to wear a piece of cloth over their faces as evincing traits of sociopathy? That paints the normal questioning of authority by children as oppositional defiance disorder? That has also characterized people who decline to follow “doctor’s orders” – which are becoming precisely that – as regards meds they are told they ought to take and procedures they ought to submit to – as being unright in the head?

And what of the pathologizing of dissent? This business of imputing a disordered and dangerous state of mind to those who wonder openly about the efficacy of “vaccines” that have been redefined as after-the-fact palliatives that turn out to be very ineffective  – as far as preventing those induced to take them from getting sick – and spreading it? There have been open calls to criminalize such “misinformation” spreading and in tandem with them, the characterizing of those “spreaders” as a kind of disease that threatens the wellness of the body politic.

They are a  . . . threat to our democracy.

And the cure? It is the same cure offered by O’Brien, the inner party figure in Orwell’s 1984 – who does not seek to torture Winston Smith gratuitously, but rather to cure him. The scene in the book (and the movie) is worth revisiting. O’Brien explains to Winston that he is unwell. That he is sick – in the head. The symptoms of this sickness being Winston’s persistence in hewing to objective reality, as in the case of 2+2 equaling four rather five. O’Brien patiently explains – in between torture – that if the Party (that is to say, if authority) says 2+2 equals five, then it does equal five. That it is not enough to say that it does. One must wholly believe it, as surely as black is not white.

Until, of course, the Party (authority) says it is  is the opposite.

This is the kind of “health” at issue. Do not be gulled by the superficial meaning you assign the term. As in, “I’m healthy” – meaning, not sick physically. That is what they want you to think, so as to assure you don’t think there’s a threat. Keep in mind these are the same people who oilily altered the definition of vaccine – which had formerly hinged on immunization – to something profoundly different. In former times – this was two years ago – people did not take a vaccine to reduce the symptoms of a sickness. They took them to avoid getting sick.

Now they are told – and expected to believe – that a drug that doesn’t prevent them from getting sick is a “vaccine,” because it “helps reduce” the symptoms of sickness – which they may never get in the first place. It is like preemptively eating aspirin all the time so as to “help reduce” the symptoms of a headache, even though you don’t have one.

And aspirin generally isn’t associated with “sudden” death.

Raising a hand to question any of this will be taken as evidence of un-“health.” The little doctor didn’t want his orders questioned and neither do a lot of other doctors who followed his orders. They don’t just want you to get “vaccinated.” They want you to do whatever they say is “necessary” for you to be “healthy,” as they define that. Meaning – as the World Health Organization defines that.




And who are these people?

Never mind that.

The perfect way to enforce what these people want is via a Global Digital Health Certificate, which will contain all your records and without which you will be not only “locked down” within the borders of whatever country you happen to live in but also – inevitably – within them.

Keep in mind, the same people were “locking down” state borders – and in some parts of what’s left of this country, were “locking down” stores and restaurants to those who could not produce documents establishing their “health” – as defined by having been injected with the drugs that are “vaccines” the same way that a “contribution” to Social Security is given freely, because you wanted to.

Some person by the name of Budi Gunadi Sadkin says “Let’s have a digital health certificate acknowledged by WHO. If you have been vaccinated or tested properly, then you can move around. So for the next pandemic, instead of stopping the movement of the people one hundred percent, which [collapse] the economy globally, you can still provide some movement of the people.”

Italics added. “Then you can move around.”

How very nice of these people – whoever the hell they are.

Via https://www.ericpetersautos.com/2022/11/18/who-are-these-people/