A new video evidence has appeared online showing the mass execution of captured unarmed Russian soldiers by Kiev’s troops.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that this situation “confirms the atrocious nature of the current Kiev regime led by Zelensky and those who protect and support him.”

“Nobody will succeed in presenting the intentional and methodical murder committed by the degenerates from the Armed Forces of Ukraine through direct head-shots 10 immobilised Russian servicemen as a ‘tragic exception’ amid the allegedly entire compliance with the rights of prisoners of war by the Kiev regime.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian servicemen, who surrendered this week, are held in accordance with all the requirements of the Geneva Convention Relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War.

The brutal murder of the Russian servicemen is neither the first, nor the single war crime. This is a common practice in the Armed Forces of Ukraine that is actively supported by the Kiev regime and straightforwardly ignored by its western patrons.

But Zelensky and his henchmen will be forced to stand trial of the court of history, peoples of Russia and Ukraine, for everyone, and for each tortured and murdered prisoner,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement via its official Telegram channel.

According the available data, the war crime took place in the area of Makeevka. At least 11 captured Russian service members were killed there.

The entire case shows the scale and inhumanity of the pro-Kiev propaganda. First, Ukrainian media released a video showing killed Russian service members lying in a row line. Then, Ukrainian propaganda tried to justify this case claiming that they were killed ‘in fighting’.

However, another video released by the Ukrainian side from there, clearly shows these very Russian servicemen alive captured by Kiev forces. The video shows that some of the surrounded Russian soldiers likely tried to sell their lives dearly. So, at least one of Kiev’s troops was wounded. The Armed Forces of Ukraine decided to take revenge on all prisoners of war for this, killing unarmed people on the spot.

The likely participants of the war crimes are identified as Artur Bortnichuk and Mikhailovsky Nazar, graduates of the University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kharkov. The wounded Ukrainian fighter called in the video “Andryukha” is most likely Andrey Sokol.

Video Evidence Confirms Mass Execution Of Russian POWs By Kiev Forces In Makeevka

Video Evidence Confirms Mass Execution Of Russian POWs By Kiev Forces In Makeevka

Video Evidence Confirms Mass Execution Of Russian POWs By Kiev Forces In Makeevka

The Russian Presidential Human Rights Council reacted to the alleged incident by calling for an international probe into it. The Human Rights Council’s head, Valery Fadeev, described the situation as a “demonstrative and audacious crime.”

“This is a violation of all possible conventions banning cruel treatment of captives, as well as of international law and moral norms,” Fadeev said adding that Russia “will demand a reaction from the international community, as well as an investigation.”

Fadeev added that the UN Human Rights Office is already studying evidence of extrajudicial killings near the Ukrainian town of Kupyansk, as well as the shelling of a civilian river crossing in the city of Kherson.

The cases mentioned by Fadeev is only the tip of the iceberg. Since February 2022, Ukrainian forces have been systematically conducting war crimes including killing and torturing of civilians and POWs. The following examples are just a little part of them:

In particular in March 2022, Ukrainian soldiers were filmed when they were shooting Russian prisoners of war in their legs and afterwards give them a severe beating. So, such actions of Kiev’s forces are not ‘separate cases’ but an ordinary behavior.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the calls of the Russian side for the investigation of the killing of unarmed Russian POWs in Makeevka will lead to any real investigation. Western diplomats and MSM propaganda will as always ignore the criminal essence of the Kiev regime and continue promoting confirmed war criminals as ‘heroes defending the democracy’.

Furthermore, the amount of evidence showing war crimes by Kiev’s forces demonstrates that they are being committed on purpose. All these cases throw fuel into the fire of hatred and this is what the sponsors of the Kiev regime really want. After the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin said that it would be easier for Moscow to negotiate with the Ukrainian military than with politicians. However, with the clear and mass involvement of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into war crimes, any kind of anti-Western actions by them, to put an end to the Kiev regime and achieve piece, becomes very unlikely. The answer is simple a large part of members of Kiev forces are directly or indirectly involved in these crimes.