The anonymous team of hackers known as  “Joker DPR”, which has recently hacked military command and control programs used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), including the advanced US DELTA program, claimed another cyber victory over the Ukrainian and NATO military.

On November 11, they leaked secret documents of NATO commanders to the AFU and US, Canadian, British forces. The documents include the daily data on the location and manoeuvres of Russian forces and military equipment in different regions, including in Russia and in Crimea back in summer.

You can read the full document HERE

The publication of the secret documents was hackers’ response to the ongoing attempts of the Kiev regime to deny the fact that their military coordination and command programs were hacked. The hackers provided the secret NATO documents with the following message:

“While the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine denies that the DELTA command and control program was hacked by my hackers, and the liar Butusov (Ukrainian journalist) claims that we gained access to the program for only 13 minutes, I will continue to publish documents, obtained thanks to this beautiful and very convenient software.

I have repeatedly claimed that not only Ukrainian clowns will suffer, but also everyone who helps them in other countries. Here are several hundred very secret American documents with the coordinates of military facilities and other targets for the Armed Forces, which were provided to them by very cunning NATO generals. The most interesting thing is that there are objects that are located even in the “old territories” of the Russian Federation. This was once already mentioned by my loyal followers from the hacker group Beregini, and now there is visual evidence.

I am not against war and bloodshed, even for that. But I don’t like when some of the Ukrainian clowns and their foreign patrons consider themselves the smartest.”

The newly leaked documents are another evidence that the NATO military is already at war against Russia in Ukraine.

Via https://southfront.org/hackers-leaked-secret-documents-of-nato-intelligence-in-ukraine/