Dirty Nuke Bomb Fits Kiev Regime’s Record of Foul Tricks and Corruption

The dirty bomb plan can be seen as a culmination of an orchestrated propaganda campaign to criminalize Russia. Who gains?

The NATO-backed Kiev regime has a long record for dirty tricks, from carrying out false-flag massacres to nuclear terrorism over the Zaporozhye power plant shelling.

Ukraine’s so-called president, Vladimir Zelensky, who many observers believe is a cocaine addict, has built a personal fortune from scamming and skimming, as investigative reporter Jeremy Kuzmarov has splendidly detailed.

Therefore, Russia’s dramatic claims this week of Kiev planning to use a dirty nuclear bomb fit plausibly into the record of such sleaze-ball scheming and provocations.

Not surprisingly, the United States and its NATO allies dismissed Moscow’s warnings. U.S. President Joe Biden even suggested that Russia was itself plotting a false-flag atrocity with a dirty bomb in order to justify an escalation of the war in Ukraine. Talk about the plot thickening!

The week began with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu phoning Western counterparts warning that Russia had intelligence showing the Kiev regime was planning to use a dirty nuclear bomb. This is a device made from conventional explosives enveloped in radioactive material. If detonated, the fallout would contaminate large areas.

Russia convened an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council on the alleged threat. A team from the International Atomic Energy Agency is reportedly going to Ukraine to assess the claims. Moscow later said that the Ukrainian side is now trying to bury the evidence of a dirty nuke bomb plan because of Russia’s very public warnings of the danger.

Moscow said it believes that the Kiev regime wanted to frame Russia for using a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine. Unlike the dirty bomb version, a tactical weapon would involve a nuclear explosion and potentially kill many more people. If such a false flag could be staged,  the Western media could be relied upon for amplifying such a purported event – then it would provoke an escalation of NATO’s involvement in Ukraine, if not a full-scale war with Russia.

Bear in mind that for many weeks now, Western leaders and media have repeatedly accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of planning to use a nuclear weapon in the Ukraine conflict. Putin has hit back at Western cynical distortions about what he says are solemn warnings about the danger of the war culminating in a nuclear catastrophe from reckless NATO military support for the Kiev regime.

In a wide-ranging speech delivered to the Valdai forum this week, the Russian leader categorically stated that Russia had no intention of using nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Putin noted that it was the West that is continually talking up the claims of Russia provisioning the use of such weapons.

President Biden responded to Putin’s speech with further calumny. Asked to comment on Putin’s assurance that Russia had no intention of using such weapons, Biden retorted: “So, why does he keep talking about it?”

This is the context to better appraise the claims about the dirty nuke. The propaganda groundwork has been laid by Western politicians and media to try to convince the world that Russia is going to use nuclear weapons. This is in spite of Moscow’s denials and Russia’s military doctrine of no first use; only reserving the right to use such weapons in an extreme situation of existential national defense.

Thus, the dirty bomb plan can be seen as a culmination of an orchestrated propaganda campaign to criminalize Russia.

Who gains?

An escalation of the Ukraine war is in the interests of U.S. and NATO imperial objectives to defeat Russia. American and Western military industries are making a killing from profits on the back of unprecedented weapons sales. American oil and gas exports to Europe are soaring too. The strategic breaking up of European and Russian relations is a boon for the United States.

As for the Kiev regime, the money-spinning racket from NATO’s war against Russia is a gift that keeps on giving. Zelensky and his cronies are filling their bank accounts with billions of dollars and euros lavished on the regime almost every week by the U.S. and European Union elites.

Russia has consistently called for peaceful diplomacy to end the conflict in Ukraine and to resolve long-term collective security concerns. But as Putin noted in his Valdai forum speech this week, the West has continually trashed such proposals, preferring instead to “play escalation”.

All the motives for escalating war in Ukraine lie firmly with the United States, the NATO powers and the Kiev camarilla headed by a Jewish actor-president who relies on NeoNazi paramilitaries to crush any democratic opposition arising from the Ukrainian people.

What must also be borne in mind is the endemically corrupt nature of the Kiev regime and its NATO handlers. Putin described the Western hegemonic world order as a “dirty game”. Ukraine is a classic case study.

The regime was brought to power by a CIA coup d’état in 2014 against an elected president. The coup was assisted by the false flag atrocity of snipers shooting protesters and police officers in Maidan Square on February 20, 2014. Subsequently, the NeoNazi regime was weaponized and trained by NATO to wage a genocidal war for eight years against Russian-speaking people in the Donbass region. That slaughter was brought to an end when Russia launched its special military operation on February 24, 2022.

During the past eight months, the Kiev regime and its NeoNazi battalions have mounted numerous false-flag provocations. An aide to Zelensky even admitted that all public statements from Kiev are aimed at deceit and disinformation.

Provocations and propaganda stunts include the “Ghost of Kiev” – a mythical Ukrainian air force pilot who fantastically shot down Russian fighter jets.

They also include the false claim that the Russian military killed Ukrainian soldiers on Snake Island who died “heroically”, according to Zelensky. Turns out, the Ukrainians laid down their arms and were taken prisoner.

More barbarically, there have been several massacres of civilians at Bucha, Kramatorsk, Mariupol, among other places, which were later found to have been carried out by Ukrainian NeoNazi forces in an attempt to implicate Russia. The Western media and politicians have obligingly lionized the false claims in order to smear Russia and to legitimize the war racket in Ukraine.

Closely related to the nuke dirty bomb plot is the despicable effort by the Kiev regime to blow up the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP). Russian forces have occupied the ZNPP since March. The site has come under relentless rocket attacks from the Kiev regime using American and British weaponry. Moscow has denounced this “nuclear terrorism” and points out that such an atrocity would be used as a pretext to escalate the war.

Yet Western politicians and media have used contorted logic and doublethink to claim that Russia is trying to blow the ZNPP that it occupies and is trying to defend.

Similarly, Russia is accused of plotting a dirty bomb scenario in order to use nuclear weapons and escalate a war (despite repeated denials from Moscow on both counts).

NATO and its agents like Zelensky and the Nazi Azov Battalion have turned Kiev into a cesspit of corruption and criminality. The war in Ukraine is bleeding American and European citizens dry and fiendishly creating racket upon racket for more escalation. The ultimate sign of deranged criminality is contemplating a dirty nuke… for a few billion dollars more.

Via https://strategic-culture.org/news/2022/10/28/dirty-nuke-bomb-fits-kiev-regime-record-of-foul-tricks-and-corruption/