If you are tired of hearing about Ukraine and Russia and you are wondering whether the Covid vaccine is safe to take, read this. A question about the lethality of the Covid vaccine from one friend elicited a terrific, coherent explanation and review of the pertinent literature on Covid from my other friend, Matt . I judge it so good that I asked him for permission to post it. So here is the question and Matt’s great answer:

While the timing of vax and spikes is indicative  does anyone have the data as to causes of death to be specific as to why the spikes ?  Is it vax or is it coincident to spikes in new covid strains? Were all the excess deaths vaxxed? If so what was cause of death?  I have no view on this, just like to see the specific data to know a specific answer and not assume a correlation. I learned that specifics are needed in stat class at Wharton

Matt’s response:

I didn’t go to Wharton, so I can’t speak to their statistics curriculum. But when I went from the Long Island School for the Gifted (elementary school) into a Catholic prep school, it took about two weeks for some confused and very frustrated nuns to put me into “Special Ed” class. A class which I shared for a year with 3 other “students”, one of which communicated by chewing on a bell attached to his wheelchair. It was in that class that I learned that I had to train my brain to stop multitasking, slow down and speak linearly when communicating with others, or else they will (rightly) assume that I am retarded.

So from the top. 

We knew within the first two months of the pandemic being declared that the spike protein was cytotoxic, meaning it kills mammalian cells that it comes into contact with en vivo. In fact, SARS-Cov2 the virus itself, aside from the spike protein on its exterior was virtually inert and harmless. The disease we know as COVID-19 and all its corresponding symptoms resulting from infection and viral replication of SARS-Cov2, is caused in its entirety from the spike protein. Spike causes the symptoms, Spike causes the damage. But like all other viral infections, its severity was based on viral load and its duration was days to weeks, depending on how fast a persons T macrophage cells got on top of it.

T macrophage cells are the immune cells that go around and eat infected or cancerous cells or any cell not doing its job. Those T-mac cells then excrete tiny bits of virus, protien chains and amino acids that are not native to the body, as waste. Those foreign protein chains (virus bits) are what’s called antibodies and they are hoovered up by a different kind of T cell commonly refered to as Memory T-cells. Their job is to Imprint those unique virus bits, so that if they are ever encountered again in the future, the body immediately rallies an army of T Macrophages and sends them to the site where the detection happened and they kill everything. AKA a cytokine storm.  

So with that context in mind.

SARS-Cov2 Is made up of some 70 odd unique protein sequences one of which is spike, and each sequence made up of even more unique amino acid chains. So throughout the 70 year history of vaccineology, the standard process has always been to find a unique viral protein that is completely harmless and non toxic, replicate it by the trillions and attach them to inert or dead OLD virus, something harmless that only affects donkeys for instance. Hence the term Retro-Virus vaccine. But this time was different. This time, the protein that they picked out of the 70 possible, was the spike. They chose the only viral protein that was known to be cytotoxic at the time. Why? Who fucking knows, but after 70 years of making vaccines using non-cytotoxic protiens, I’d really like to know. 

So this MRNA vaccine operated differently, It is more akin to a gene therapy than a vaccine because it doesn’t train your immune cells on dummy viruses, It re-writes the DNA of your Memory T-cells and T macrophage cells, and turns them into spike factories. So now rather than getting covid and having an ever decreasing amount of spike doing damage as your T cells kill the infection, you have your entire immune systems cells cranking out spike 24/7 until they litterally explode. But often they get to reproduce beforehand so there are new zombie T-cells cranking out spike because MRNA is a gene therapy not a vaccine. Its not just inter-generational in regards to your T-cells, Its inter-generational period.

So I’ve been against the vaccine from the beginning, but I am not the one crunching the data obviously. I can direct you to the people that are. 

Here is Naomi Wolf’s publication–she’s had 1300 data scientists volunteer to analyze the 80k+ pages of Pfizer saftey trial data that the federal judge ordered released. Her team has been cranking out amazing papers on the data as it comes in, the court order allowed Pfizer to break it up into 4 data dumps over 9 months, so they’ve been able to get information out to the public within weeks of each new dump. Nov 1st is the last data dump so everything you’ll see there is literally breaking news because it is research on data never seen by anyone other than Pfizer and the scumbags at the FDA.

Naomi is no slouch either. Dr. Naomi Wolf is a 2x international bestselling author, NYT columnist, and professor; she is a graduate of Yale University and received a doctorate from Oxford.

Next is Steve Kirsch, current VC and former high tech serial entrepreneur, inventor of the optical mouse and an engineer with two degrees from MIT. He is double vaxxed an injured from it which made him and 4 other MIT engineering alums start analyzing the VAERS data. Which isn’t the best considering the Harvard study commissioned by the FDA on the effectiveness of its VAERS system showed VAERS captured a hair over 1% of the actual adverse events data, Harvard concluded the study with recommendations on how to fix the system, but the FDA and its Pharma paymasters didn’t think that was a good idea so the FDA declined. With that in mind, Steve and his shitty VAERS data is showing a rate of 26 permanently injured and 7 dead for every 100 MRNA shots. 

“The CDC claims VAERS is simply over reported, but cites no evidence. The evidence shows that VAERS is under reported by 5.4X. For example, the VAERS data shows that acute cardiac failure is elevated in the COVID vaccines by 475X compared to other vaccines. Once we correct using the 5.4X factor, we get a 2,565X higher fatality rate for these vaccines. How could that be “safe”? Nobody will explain that.”

Steve now has released hundreds of articles and papers on his and others analysis, which can be found here.

Jessica Rose has a PhD in data science from Harvard and she’s been doing the analysis on the Israeli, DOD and Moderna data. She is an all around good person, very funny but with an extremely annoying laugh. Her papers, most of which have now been peer reviewed for whatever thats worth now adays, and articles she published going over her analysis can be found here.

And With that ladies and gentleman, I’ve exhausted my brain’s ability to stay on a singular train of thought. So I hope this supplemental information will be helpful in your conversations and capital allocations. I’d like to end with the question–what would a country with 4% of its workforce soon to be or already disabled, look like? What are the 2nd and 3rd order effects of something like that?

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