Guaido Will ‘Disappear’ From Venezuelan Political Scene in January 2023, Analyst Says

The Financial Times reported that Venezuelan opposition political parties are discussing plans to oust the country’s opposition figure Juan Guaido on Friday.
Venezuela’s opposition figure Juan Guaido may disappear from the political arena as early as next year due to his scarce support from the US and the Venezuelan opposition, analyst Basem Tajeldine has told Sputnik Mundo.
Tajeldine pointed out that the Venezuelans’ frustration over Guaido is, in particular, visible in the opposition parties’ actions, in which the politician is “literally being kicked out.”
He added that he was especially surprised about the lack of support for Guaido from Washington, “because the rejection within the opposition was something” that has long been “clear and recognized”.
The analyst suggested that the Venezuelan opposition figure will “disappear from the political scene” in January 2023. However, Tajeldine argued that this does not mean that Washington will cease its attempts to consolidate a new figure antagonistic to Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.
“Undoubtedly, the United States will look for a new instrument to fulfil its objectives [in Venezuela],” Tajeldine claimed, adding that, “it is urgent for Washington to find a more intelligent” opposition figure.
He insisted that the US “will not stop intervening” in the oil-rich nation’s domestic affairs, despite Washington’s previous unsuccessful attempts to meddle.
The remarks followed the Financial Times and CNN citing an unnamed source as saying that the alliance of Venezuelan opposition parties has decided to move on without the US-backed Guaido as their so-called “interim president”. The source claimed that Guaido could be removed from this “role” within the next two weeks.
“It has been decided to redesign everything without Guaido as interim president. There is an overwhelming conviction among the majority [of the opposition] that the figure of Guaido and the interim government is at odds with reality,” the source claimed.
According to the insider, three of the four major opposition parties backed the decision to oust Guaido, including Primero Justicia, Accion Democratica and Un Nuevo Tiempo.
Guaido initially began making political waves in early 2019, when the Trump administration and regional allies supported the then-president of the National Assembly in his self-declaration as “interim” leader of the Latin American country amid his opposition to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who was re-elected for a six-year term in 2018. US efforts to illegitimately install Guaido ultimately proved a failure and saw the opposition figure fall into political irrelevance, despite assuming control of a number of sizeable Venezuelan assets abroad.