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Russian Kalibr missiles and Geranium-2 UAVs continue to strike military and energy infrastructure facilities throughout Ukraine. So far, some regions remain cut off of electricity supply and the country’s energy system is heavily damaged.

The Air Forces of Ukraine lose the battle against the Russian UAVs. Over the past two days, Ukraine has lost four aircraft. For the already small fleet of Ukrainian aircraft, that is a very tangible damage.

Ukrainian air defense means are also failing to protect the strategically important facilities throughout the country. In another pledge to his European patrons, Zelensky claimed that Ukraine’s air defense needs are provided only by 10%. He supposes that Europe will make more efforts to protect the sky over his country.

Zelensky does not know how to fight, but he knows how to beg. On October 14, Ukrainian Minster of Defense confirmed that Spain has sent four Hawk air defense systems to Kiev.

Losing in the air, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fail to develop any offensive on the front lines.

On the northern borders of the Luhansk People’s Republic, the Ukrainian military continue their attempts to attack Russian military positions along the Zherebets River, in order to storm the towns of Svatovo and Kreminnaya. So far, their attempts have failed. In turn, Russian troops took control of the dominant heights in the gray zone in Chervonopopovka and Peschanoye.

Russians are also coming closer to the town of Bakhmut, where clashes are already ongoing in the industrial area on the eastern outskirts. The Wagner group officially confirmed that the village of Ivangrad located on the southern outskirts of the town came under Russian control.

In the southern Kherson and Zaporozhie regions, there are still no changes on the front lines. The ongoing Ukrainian attacks did not lead to any gains.

Having lost the upper hand in the battles on its territory, the Kiev regime has significantly increased shelling on the Russian border regions and Donbass republics. Civilian houses in the border villages in the Russian Belgorod and Kursk regions are constantly shelled by Ukrainian artillery. At the same time, Ukrainian forces attempt to break through Russian air defenses and hit residential areas in the city of Belgorod, including with foreign missiles like US-made AGM-88 HARM missiles. Even so, they lose the battle against the Russian air defenses. After more than a hundred of missiles were launched, only minor damage in Russia was reported. Wreckage of a downed Ukrainian missile fell on the roof of a residential building. People were not injured. The shelling also resulted in an explosion of an ammunition depot in the village of Oktyabrsky in the Belgorod region. People were evacuated.

Via https://southfront.org/zelensky-knows-how-to-beg/