Russia has warned the Kiev regime about the high price it will have to pay for terrorist acts on Russian territory. Recent massive strikes on Ukrainian military and energy infrastructure facilities have confirmed that Moscow is not bluffing. However, the terrorist regime in Kiev does not pay attention to the safety of its own citizens and continues attempts to commit terrorist attacks in Russia.

On the morning of October 12 alone, the Federal Security Services of the Russian Federation (FSB) thwarted two terrorist attacks prepared by the Ukrainian Special Services. On the same day, the FSB revealed the names of accomplices and the orchestrator of the terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge which clamed lives of four people.

UPDATE: FSB officers also detained a man who was allegedly preparing a terrorist attack at the military enlistment office with an improvised explosive device in Nizhny Tagil. The detainee is a native of Mariupol.

An agent of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) was detained in the Moscow region on the outskirts of the Russian capital. A citizen of Ukraine acted on the instructions of the SBU and delivered the Igla MANPADS to Russia from Kiev in order to prepare terrorist acts against civilian aircraft. The weapon was transported in a cache equipped in a car. He entered the territory of the Russian Federation through the border with Estonia.

Another terrorist was detained in the Russian Bryansk region. The Ukrainian agent acted on the orders by the Ukrainian special services which prepared an explosion at a Russian transport terminal. The explosive device of about 3 kg in TNT equivalent was manufactured on the basis of the warhead of an anti-tank guided missile.

All the detained Ukrainian terrorists arrived in Russia through the Baltic states. This means that the Baltic states are aiding the Ukrainian terrorist regime and are the states sponsors of terrorism.

On the same day, the FSB revealed the names of accomplices and the organizer of the terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge.

The terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge was prepared and orchestrated by the head of military intelligence of Ukraine Kirill Budanov. 12 accomplices have been identified, including citizens of Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia. Eight of them have been detained, the FSB reported.

UPDATED: Russia Revealed Accomplices And Orchestrator Of Crimean Bridge Explosion. Two More Ukrainian Terrorist Attacks Thwarted

Kirill Budanov

The investigation found that the explosive device was camouflaged in rolls with construction polyethylene film on 22 pallets with a total weight of 22770 kg and in early August. It was sent from the seaport of Odessa to the Bulgarian city of Ruse under contract No. 02/08/2022 between LLC Translogistik UA (Kiev) and Baltex Capital S.A. ( Ruse).

Citizens of Ukraine Mikhail Vladimirovich Tsyurkalo, born in 1975, Denis Olegovich Kovach, born in 1979, Roman Ivanovich Solomko, born in 1971, citizens of Georgia Inosaridze Sandro, a broker named “Levan” and a citizen of Armenia Artur Terchanyan, born in 1985 were involved in organizing the shipment of cargo from Bulgaria to the port of Poti in Georgia, and then to Armenia.

From September 29 to October 3, 2022, in Yerevan, the cargo was released from bond at the Transalliance terminal according to the rules of the EAEC and documents were illegally substituted. After that sender was changed to GU AR JI GROUP LLC (Republic of Armenia, Alaverdi), and the recipient was changed to Leader LLC (Moscow).

Later, on October 4, the cargo crossed the Russian-Georgian border at the Verhny Lars checkpoint on a DAF truck registered in Georgia and was delivered and unloaded at the warehouse in Armavir in the Krasnodar Territory on October 6.

On October 7, a citizen of Ukraine, Vladimir Vasilyevich Zloba, born in 1987, and five other established citizens of Russia,with the assistance of R. Solomko, changed again the documents for the carg, the new sender was indicated as LLC TEK-34 (Ulyanovsk), and the recipient was a non-existent company in the Republic of Crimea.

The special service said that on the same day the cargo was loaded into the truck of a Russian citizen Yusubov Mahir, born in 1971, which left for Simferopol, and on October 8, 2022 at 06:03, an explosion was carried out on the Crimean Bridge.

“Meanwhile, control over the movement of cargo along the entire route and contacts with participants in the criminal scheme of transportation were carried out by an employee of the Main Intelligence Governorate of the ministry of Defence of Ukraine, who presented himself as “Ivan Ivanovich”. He used for coordination both a virtual anonymous number purchased on the Internet and a number registered to a citizen of Ukraine, resident of Kremenchuk, Andreichenko Sergey Vladimirovich, born in 1988,” – the FSB reported.

The FSB published photos of front companies that participated in the organization of the terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge, and an X-ray of the truck in which the explosives were planted. The X-ray shows that the explosives are not seen.

UPDATED: Russia Revealed Accomplices And Orchestrator Of Crimean Bridge Explosion. Two More Ukrainian Terrorist Attacks Thwarted

According to the FSB, explosives for blowing up the Crimean Bridge arrived in August by sea from Odessa to Bulgaria. That is, Ukrainian terrorists used a grain deal to commit a terrorist attack in Russia. The so-called political West headed by Washington pledged Moscow to unblock the sea route in the Black Sea from Odessa to resume the supply of Ukrainian grain to ”avoid the global famine”. In fact, twenty tons of explosives were transported to Europe, which was used to commit a terrorist attack on the h Bridge, which killed innocent Russian citizens.

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