The political right, the political left, and the political center, have all been deceived about global warming, so that global warming is an especially suitable issue for demonstrating how billionaires impose mass mind-control across the entire political spectrum. The special focus here will be on the political left, because the techniques of deceiving them are even more sophisticated than on the right, but anyone on the political right cannot reasonably deny that over 90% of climatologists support the view that global warming is happening and that they attribute it largely if not entirely to humans’ burning of fossil fuels and their other releases of CO2, methane, and other global-warming gases into the atmosphere. Anyone who denies that the vast majority of scientific specialists on this matter agree that global warming, climate-change, is an enormous problem, are in reality-denial about it; and, so, the focus here will be on the billionaires’ deceits of the political left (who already are convinced that this is a problem which needs to be immediately addressed).

Steve Horn is one of the greatest living investigative journalists, and his specialty is follow-the-money investigations regarding environmental matters. For example, he co-authored with Lee Fang at The Intercept a 23 May 2016 article, “Hillary Clinton’s Energy Initiative Pressed Countries to Embrace Fracking, New Emails Reveal”, revealing that not only did she have “plans to make Poland a “laboratory for testing whether US success in developing shale gas can be repeated in a different country, particularly in Europe, where local governments had expressed opposition and in some cases even banned fracking,” but that this “campaign included plans to spread the drilling technique to China, South Africa, Romania, Morocco, Bulgaria, Chile, India, Pakistan, Argentina, Indonesia, and Ukraine.” Moreover, “In 2014, Mother Jones reporter Mariah Blake used diplomatic cables disclosed by WikiLeaks and other records to uncover how Clinton ‘sold fracking to the world.’ The emails obtained by The Intercept through a separate Freedom of Information Act request provide a new layer of detail.” That information concerns deceit by a leading Democrat, Clinton, who was running for President by saying that climate change is an “urgent threat.” How, then, can leftist media be deceiving leftists about climate-change? They do it by proposing ‘solutions’ that cannot work and that they know cannot work, and by hiding the one possible solution that MIGHT work, and which would be far less costly to try. In other words: funders of the Democratic Party don’t want the Government to impose the only solution that might work. The reason they don’t is that they don’t want to take a sudden and big loss on their investments. So: they want Democratic Party voters to be supporting fake ‘solutions’. They want their voters to be deceived about this.

On 7 July 2019, Horn headlined at The Real News, “AS ACTIVISTS PUSH DEMOCRATIC CLIMATE DEBATE, DNC DONORS PROFIT FROM OIL, GAS”, and he reported that “despite 63-percent of Democrats saying in a recent poll that it is “‘very important’ for them to hear candidate’s policy stances on the climate crisis at debates, the highest percentage of any policy category,” the Democratic Party’s two primary debates in Miami had devoted “only 15 minutes worth of discussion about the climate crisis … within the four hours of debate, both times not until the second hour of the debate,” in order NOT to allow many Democratic Party voters to know more than the superficial level of the candidates’ actual policy-positions on this issue which concerned “the highest percentage of any policy category.” And the reason is that the Party’s billionaires didn’t want their Party’s voters to get to know more than the surface of that. This is the way to get those voters to continue favoring fake ‘solutions’. Indeed, Ernest Moniz “is former Vice President Joe Biden’s climate adviser and served as U.S. Secretary of Energy under President Barack Obama,” but “while working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before becoming Energy Secretary, Moniz also headed up the MIT Energy Institute, an entity heavily endowed by companies such as BP and Chevron which was instrumental in promoting hydraulic fracturing (‘fracking’) for shale gas during his time there. In a lengthy 2013 investigative report examining Moniz’s full track-record at MIT promoting policies favorable to the oil and gas industry, Public Accountability Initiative called Moniz an ‘industry puppet’.” Furthermore:

Moniz and Biden also share a crucial tie to a key financier of the Democratic National Convention set to take place in July 2020 in Milwaukee, where whoever comes out victorious after the debates and primary elections will be named the party’s presidential nominee.

LNG Garden of Edens

That financier is Wes Edens, the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. He is also the co-founder and co-CEO of the firm Fortress Investment Group, which has a natural gas-focused subsidiary named New Fortress Energy.

In its most recent annual report filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), New Fortress cites the “historic abundant supply of natural gas and discoveries of substantial quantities of unconventional, or shale, natural gas” as the bedrock of its business model. It also notes that most of the gas it will commodify, and indeed most of the gas produced in the U.S. market, comes from fracking.

Methane is a greenhouse gas 86-105 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a heat trapping agent over a 20-year period, the key period during which most climate scientists say major action must be taken to combat the potential ravages of climate change.

In Florida, one of the Edens owns a natural gas liquefaction facility located about 10 miles west from the first round of debates took place, near Miami, in Hialeah. New Fortress has already begun shipping liquefied natural gas (LNG), a super-chilled version of natural gas allowing it to be shipped in containerized form, out of the Hialeah Rail Yard and to the global market.

That gas currently goes primarily to a power plant in northwest Jamaica, the first country New Fortress signed on for a major LNG supply deal.

Biden and Moniz helped make that deal a reality.

After closing the deal on shipping LNG from the Miami area to Jamaica, New Fortress carried that momentum into getting deals in place to ship LNG to destinations such as Puerto RicoMexicoIrelandAngola, with ongoing negotiations to do the same in the Dominican Republic. …

Edens co-owns the Milwaukee Bucks with Marc Lasry. With a net worth $1.8 billion, Lasry is also heavily involved in the fossil fuel industry via the private equity firm for which he works as co-CEO, Avenue Capital Group.

When global oil trading prices crashed in 2015, Lasry called it a “once-in-a-lifetime” investment opportunity. Just months before making those comments, Lasry’s Avenue Capital created Avenue Energy Opportunities Fund, putting over $1.25 billion into the cause.

As an individual institutional investor, SEC filings show Lasry has over half a billion dollars invested in oil companies such as TransOcean (one of the oil services companies responsible for the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico), Pacific Drilling, Chaparral Energy, Ultra Petroleum and others.

Aberdeen Income Credit Strategies Fund — an Avenue Capital-managed fund which oversees investments for pension plans, endowments, foundations and other institutional investors — also has heavy investments in the fossil fuel industry. According to its most recent quarterly listing of portfolio holdings filed with the SEC, Avenue’s Aberdeen has investments in the tar sands extraction companies Southern Pacific Resource Corp and Connacher Oil, the offshore drilling rig company Seadrill Partners, California’s largest oil and gas driller California Resources Corporation, the fracking company Calfrac Holdings and others. …

Both Edens and Lasry have also functioned as key donors to Democratic presidential and congressional candidates in recent years. According to federal election contribution data, Edens gave $61,700 to the DNC during the 2016 presidential election cycle, while Lasry gave $72,800. Lasry’s wife, Cathy, also gave $33,400 to the DNC during that cycle.

Marc Lasry’s son, Alexander Lasry — also the Senior Vice President of the Bucks — will work as the finance chair for the 2020 conventionAlexander Lasry formerly worked as an aide to Obama White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett. …

Rob Galbraith, a Senior Research Analyst for the Public Accountability Initiative — an organization which oversees the website and specializes in power mapping research — addressed the role of Edens directly. Galbraith co-authored a 2013 study examining the industry connections Moniz brought with him to the Energy Department.

“Financial firms like Wes Edens’ New Fortress Energy are critical players in propping up the fossil fuel industry, which is responsible for our current climate crisis,” said Galbraith, co-author of a 2013 study examining the industry connections Moniz brought with him to the Energy Department. “By taking Edens’ money, awarding him a position of influence on the host committee of the party convention, and refusing to hold a debate about the most critical challenge of our time, the Democratic Party is showing that it is not serious about addressing climate change.”

Then, horn headlined at The Real News, on 8 August 2019, “A Fossil Fuel Baron Just Bought USA Today”,  and reported that,      

On August 5, Gannett — the owner of USA Today and regional newspapers in cities such as Detroit, Indianapolis, Nashville, Phoenix and Des Moines — merged with GateHouse Media.

GateHouse, a digital news network with bureaus in cities such as Austin, Eugene, Beach, and Newport, is owned by an investment firm called New Media Investment Group. owned in turn by Wes Edens’ New Fortress Investment Group. The owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and a major donor to the Democratic National Convention, Edens also owns New Fortress Energy, a firm with investments in natural gas infrastructure worldwide.

“Press freedom and democracy decline as gas tycoon Wes Edens increases his media and political power – as his Gatehouse Media acquires Gannett, creating the largest newspaper company in U.S. history,” said Jeff Cohen, founding Director of the Park Center for Independent Media. “With environmental struggles often localized and fought over issues like fracking and pipeline construction, it’s a grave situation when a gas and fracking investor like Edens is the ultimate owner of an ever-increasing number of local dailies and weeklies.”

GateHouse purchased Gannett for $1.34 billion. It will now own 667 newspapers nationwide. 

In addition, Gannett’s UK subsidiary, Newsquest, owns 165 newspapers and 40 magazines in Britain.

Gannett is just one mega-corporation, controlled by two billionaires, but the same type of mega-mind-control by billionaires, for their own profits, over this and other public issues, is common throughout the ‘news’-media.

Right now, the U.S. Government, under Joe Biden, is the leading suspect in the blowing-up of the Nord Stream gas pipelines which sabotage has made impossible for Europe to restore the pipelined natural gas (which isn’t fracked) from Russia that had cost less than half of what the fracked American LNG that now is dominating to replace that Russian pipelined gas costs. Was that sabotage done largely in service to Lasry and Edens?

As I have previously documented, all of the Democratic Party’s proposals against global warming were designed to fail and ignore the vastly cheaper way to solve the problem. Is corruption the reason for that?

So: what’s new?

By Eric Zuesse Via