The Pentagon is creating a new command to help Ukraine in Europe. We can say that the West is, after all, preparing for a long all-out war with Russia on the fields of Ukraine.

A command of the U.S. armed forces will be created in Germany, which will be headed by a high-ranking general in order to establish a system of military training and assistance to Ukraine. We can assume that the tasks of the new command will include not only the supply and training of the Ukrainian army, but it will also become a center for processing intelligence and managing troops on the battlefield.

West's Hybrid War Against Russia. Kiev Will Receive Orders From Berlin

U.S. and NATO provide intelligence to Ukraine

NATO countries, which provide full support to Ukraine, are currently transmitting intelligence information and training troops on their territories, despite their stated position of non-engagement in direct confrontation with Russia. The main problematic issue is still the resource issue, which is currently impossible to solve. More than half a year after Russia started its special operation in Ukraine, Europe is still dependent on Russian energy resources.

West's Hybrid War Against Russia. Kiev Will Receive Orders From Berlin

Training of the Ukrainian military takes place on the territory of Europe

This clearly demonstrates the policy of double standards cultivated by European countries trying to maneuver between U.S. and NATO support and Russian gas. Moreover, EU economies on the verge of collapse have not yet found a way out of this situation. Food supplied under the terms of the “grain deal” from Ukraine to the poorest countries is mostly exported to Europe. In order to prolong its life, the EU is now forced to expand its aid to Ukraine.

In particular, Germany is giving the U.S. its territory to confront Russia in Ukraine. Now we are actually talking about creating a main headquarters for the Ukrainian army outside of Ukraine itself. This, in general, fully fits into the concept of hybrid warfare, and as a consequence, we can say that both Zelensky and Zaluzhny will become nominal figures in this conflict in the near future.

The decision-making center is moving from Kiev to Berlin. Officially. Russia’s announced strikes may be postponed indefinitely.

Via https://southfront.org/wests-hybrid-war-against-russia-kiev-will-receive-orders-from-berlin/