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Plus Larry published an excellent piece by Mr. Smith.


After the war, we had a lot of German generals in our hands and we got them to tell what happened on the Eastern Front – the war against the USSR – about which we knew very little. This presented the generals with a big dilemma. They wanted to show that, should there be a war against the Soviets, they would have useful things to tell their new owners, but they’d lost and who wants advice from losers? They solved the dilemma with what Jonathon House (see below) has called “the three alibis”. They created a story in which they would have beaten the Soviets 1) if only Hitler had let them get on with the job 2) it hadn’t been so cold 3) if the Soviets hadn’t overwhelmed them with endless hordes of men. The first one is quickly disposed of – Hitler did listen to his generals most of the time and it can be argued that when he didn’t he was right about half the time.


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