Zelensky Rings the Bell for NATO’s Last Round

Though Zelensky, like the autistic child he is at heart, can ring all the bells and push all the buttons he wants to, his time is up.

Though Volodymr Zelensky, NATO’s puppet President of the rump Ukrainian state, who recently got to ring the bell to open the day’s trading on the New York Stock Exchange, is not the first D lister to be so honored, the real question is what is the broader significance of bestowing this further honor on that clown.

Ringing the bell to reopen the New York Stock Exchange after the 9/11 terrorist attacks sent a defiant mesage that the U.S. would not be cowed and that Americans would build back better, albeit on the backs of over a million dead Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan children. Although Zelensky said that his corrupt regime would likewise build back better, if American companies would only give him and his mates hundreds of billions of dollars to do so, American companies have to balance risk with return and think with their heads, as they have no hearts. Using that metric, Zelensky might have to return to his old job of playing pianos with his penis and mainstream American companies will have to invest in countries like Russia or China, where there is a return on investment to be made.

Stock markets, the London and New York markets in particular, exist to finance ventures that do not fit the more straight laced enterprises banks and NATO’s other three card trick merchants bankroll. Banks, which are at the heart of the Japanese and German systems, prefer sure and steady and, traditionally, none came surer or steadier than Japanese or German companies. With their American masters destroying not only Ukraine but Western Europe as well, Zelensky and his co-conspirators must now say sayonara to massive Japanese or German investment as his rump regime does not suit their business model, which relies on regular, sure and steady returns.

So, what then of the Anglo Americans? Are there riches to be mined in those parts of Ukraine that the rogue Kiev regime still controls? Despite the promises of minnow American colonies like Ireland, Estonia and Malta to build Ukraine back better, getting a commensurate return on investment for any non banking company stupid enough to invest in Zelensky’s crooked casino seems unlikely. If Ukraine was a basket case before Donbas, Crimea and Luhansk seceded, surely it should be an even bleaker prospect now, all the more so if the best Ukraine can do is parade a pervert, who tinkles with his ding-a-ling on the piano to his fans, whilst in the nude? Though it might be a neat after dinner party prank, Zelensky waving his penis about cannot inspire investor confidence.

But let’s give Zelensky the benefit of the doubt and pretend there are profits to be made in his reincarnated South Sea Bubble. If Kiev is the new Klondike, then who should cash in on this bonanza and who should steer clear? As Zelensky’s Ukraine is no place for widows and orphans or Belgian dentists, that just leaves the larger institutional investors, many of whom we have already ruled out unless NATO puts a gun to their heads.

Zelensky and his cronies need not yet despair as there are still bigger players in the game. These players include Ursula von der Leyen, Josep Borrell, as well as gangsters like Hunter Biden who live off their Big Guy connections.

Their business plan is quite simple as it has been implemented in one or other forms in a number of countries the Troika previously ravished. It works like this. The mark, Zelensky’s Ukraine in this case, is brought to its knees and its people to penury. The IMF, the European Central Bank and the unelected European Commission, which the moronic Ursula von der Leyen fronts, then send in their economic hitmen to dictate economic surrender terms which, in the case of their former scalps like Ireland, Greece and Cyprus entails surrendering economic and political sovereignty in exchange for their paper money, which is used to fund whatever infrastructural development and profit making scams suit the World Economic Forum’s main stakeholders.

As sleights of hands go, it is a tried and trusted one that the World Economic Forum’s vulture funds have benefited immensely from. But it can only work when the Troika’s paper money still has currency for otherwise, these charlatans and hucksters would not be entertained.

That paper money von der Leyen dishes out to Zelensky like snuff at a wake are, in effect, IOUs, which the bearer promises to redeem more or less on demand. This can best be seen in the case of the British pound note, a loan which Her Majesty promised to redeem for a pound sterling of silver, where sterling means that the silver is at least 92.5% pure. This sterling test of purity was necessitated by previous monarchs short changing those who loaned them money and was instituted to say that lending to the British Crown was as safe as the Bank of England which was, in time, replaced by the phrase as safe as Fort Knox, where the American regime currently stores its gold reserves, but which likewise fell out of favor when Charles de Gaulle, France’s legendary leader, showed Fort Knox did not hold anywhere near the gold reserves it claimed to hold.

Just as De Gaulle called the CIA’s Fort Knox bluff in 1968, so also today is Russia’s President Putin and the increasingly disgruntled peoples of Western Europe calling von der Leyen’s bluff. Von der Leyen’s Crusade against Russia has run into the same problems Hitler’s Crusade against Russia, Napoleon’s Crusade against Russia and the Catholic Church’s Crusades to reclaim the Holy Land all ran into. They are out of gas and out of resources and, though they might talk the talk, they have nothing beneath the bonnet to walk the walk.

The German model, which sits at the heart of von der Leyen’s European Union gig, was predicated on cheap energy fueling technological engineering, where exporting those engineering products paid for the roads to export yet more German and Dutch products and helped create new markets for yet more Dutch and German products. That predatory selfishness was the only reason for those vultures goose stepping into Ireland, Greece, Portugal and other countries they laid waste to.

But those days are gone. Having cackled herself hoarse over flattening the Covid Pandemic’s curve, that stupid von der Leyen plagiarist is now telling us to flatten the energy curve to “beat Putin”, that if we stop bathing our children in hot water and cooking them their food, Putin will fold and be our plaything.

This same von der Leyen idiot is telling Russia that it can only sell oil to China, India or anyone else at a price that she, the unelected and unelectable von der Leyen, decides, as if Russia was Iraq and that moron was American war criminal Madeleine Albright, who boasted about murdering over a million Iraqi children.

But Russia is not Saddam’s Iraq and, unlike Iraq, Russia actually has weapons of mass destruction in abundance and, if von der Leyen insists on demanding Russia be placed on a drip feed, in a re-run of how Albright starved Iraqi children to death, then she and her extended family should personally take on the risk of making that further crime happen, as it is her jihad, not ours.

That, of course, will not happen because hucksters like von der Leyen and Zelensky always hide behind the apron strings of the Pentagon or some other criminal outfit. But this time, von der Leyen, the Biden crew, Zelensky and the New York Stock Exchange have run out of road in Ukraine and they and their armies of flunkeys will have to do a lot more than cackle at us to tighten our belts. That stupid woman and her equally stupid economic advisors think they can throw their paper money at Europe’s looming energy problem and come out smiling and with a full belly at the other end. Their race is run. Von der Leyen’s glass is not half full and neither is it half empty. It is fully empty because of the NATO gangsters she, her co conspirators and their flunkeys are in hock to. The Russian Army is where the rubber hits the road, where von der Leyen’s bluff is called.

NATO’s World Economic Forum has installed not only blockheads like von der Leyen as chief bottle washer in the European Commission but they have installed equally dense blockheads in countries as diverse as Ireland, Britain, the Netherlands, the big mouthed Baltic micro states, Poland, and, of course, the gangster rump state of Ukraine. Though Zelensky, like the autistic child he is at heart, can ring all the bells and push all the buttons he wants to, his time is up. He, von der Leyen and the whole putrid lot of them must be rounded up and made pay for what they have inflicted on the good people of Ukraine and all of Europe and beyond. And so too must any company that has had any truck with Zelenky’s gangster regime as they obviously have not done their due diligence.

But, even as von der Leyen collapses Western Europe around our ears, we can look forward to better days ahead, when the old order of autistic bell ringers playing with their ding-a-lings and European Commission leaders who dress as Zelensky’s Deliveroo driver are washed away. Though there is at least one hard winter ahead, if some of us can emerge at the far side to put von der Leyen, Zelensky, the World Economic Forum, the Troika and all their NYSE ding-a-lings in the trash bin of history, then those survivors can say it was worth it.

By Declan Hayes Via https://strategic-culture.org/news/2022/09/11/zelensky-rings-bell-for-nato-last-round/