Eating Insects as We Freeze in the Dark

NATO’s resolve to have us freezing in the dark and subsisting on insect-based concoctions from Bill Gates’ Hell’s Kitchen deserves our urgent attention.

NATO’s resolve to have us freezing in the dark and subsisting on insect-based concoctions from Bill Gates’ Hell’s Kitchen deserves our urgent attention. Why are German burghurs reduced to foraging for wood in forests and stripping the planks off park benches? Why are Poles, who live in a country with vast coal deposits, paying extortionate prices for coal, whenever they can get it? What about Russophobic Ireland, which has no emergency oil reserves and which depends for its electricity top ups on Britain, which likewise depends on Norway, which has warned Britain that they can no longer support them? Are we all going to freeze in the dark?

Why is Bill Gates, who is America’s largest land owner, telling us to eat synthetic foods? What is all this about replacing our traditional diets with cockroaches, grasshoppers and other fare that is more attuned to the palates of mice than of humans? Why is Ireland slaughtering its national herd and herding its humans into its cities, where American multinational companies dictate the exorbitant rents they must pay to live there?

To get a proper perspective on all this, we need to both look around and look back into our own histories, before the failing literacy rates our governments’ policies induce obviate our remaining analytical abilities. Fond as we may be of reading the works of Charles Dickens, Mark Twain and similar bigots, our ability to read and comprehend is only a historical aberration, necessitated by the need of the nineteenth century’s Robber Barons for their Uriah Heeps to fiddle the books. Without such a demand, our women folk would still be living like the Wrens of the Curragh, those tens of thousands of Irish Catholic women forced to subsist as penny prostitutes in hedgerows around the bases of the British Army and their Anglican cultists whilst we migrated to Dublin’s Mud Island, which was such a despairing den of depravity that it inspired both Bram Stoker and Sheridan Le Fanu to write their horror stories about flesh eating vampires, body snatchers and the like.

Much the same pattern existed in the United States, which witnessed a carnival of reaction at the end of the Great War as the Robber Barons and their Mafia enforcers cracked skulls to depress wages. Though this pattern did change following the end of the Second World War, that was done to keep the Red Army at bay and to allow the United States, which profited immensely from that war, to continue to rake in unprecedented profits.

That was then and this is now, where the World Economic Forum has put forward its revised plans to deal with today’s evolving economic landscape. And it is that plan, backed up by NATO’s muscle, that explains this newly emerging taste for eating insects and Bill Gates’ leftovers, something the Philippines with its pagpag fare, pioneered whilst under that same American yoke that now threatens us all.

Look at the farmers of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany whose rallying cry is “No Farmers! No Food!” Those farmers and all like them were led up NATO’s garden path and got to invest heavily in machinery so that they would be efficient (and in debt up to their gills). But, as NATO’s Tesco and Walmart have declared that model redundant, they are screwed.

Those farmers and all like them owe their livelihoods and the markets they serve to Fritz Haber, the patriotic German Jew, who invented nerve gas, Zyklon B and, of course, the Haber–Bosch process which, by allowing for the large-scale synthesis of fertilizers and explosives, made possible our current era of food abundance. Putting an end to farming in the Benelux countries and Germany by boycotting Russian fertilizer in favor of Klaus Schwab’s Green Agenda puts an end to that agricultural abundance Europeans, Americans and Sri Lankans have enjoyed since World War Two.

As Macron, Truss and America’s other European pretend leaders have all signed up to this strategy and as the crisis actors of Extinction Rebellion are being allowed disrupt productive society as part of this NATO project, regard it as a done deal.

But, you say, young Declan has really gone off the deep end this time, buying into a range of conspiracy theories (sic), each of which is wackier than the one before it. Alas, not so. That is the conclusion from the evidence in front of us all. It is consistent not only with the World Economic Forum’s stated business plans but also with that of NATO and the EU. Wall St and the City of London need to rake in consistently high profits for doing as little as possible. Those profits can only be achieved by expansion into countries like Iran, Russia or China, where they drink far too much tea for Coca Cola’s liking or by lowering costs at home by squeezing the West’s indebted serfs some more.

The very fact that eating insects is, as it were, on the menu shows the success of this policy. Europeans are resigned to falling living standards, where many, if not most of them, will eat, as the beggars on Smokey Mountain ate, before being herded into government funded churches or pubs to stay warm in these American inspired heat centers for the night, with updates of watching Meghan Markle, Clown Prince Zelensky and Greta Thunberg grumbling about their hard lives being the only light entertainment provided in between news bulletins telling us what rotters the Russians are.

And just like Smokey Mountain, we will have nuns and their clones offering basic help but not much else for, if they were to challenge these blatant inequities, they would, like so many before them, get a bullet through the head. And so the downward spiral will continue, with new poverty cycles emerging that make the combined wretchedness of Dante’s levels of hell look like a holiday camp.

And this downward spiral cannot be blamed on Putin’s price hike because there is no such thing. Contrary to what Ireland’s moronic Prime Minister says, he and his government are, like America’s clones elsewhere, primarily responsible for the massive increases in the Consumer Price Index by jacking up their own salaries and expenses, by allowing American multinational companies distort rental prices, by closing down our fertilizer plants and surrendering our food and energy sovereignty. Sure, pock marking the country with Tesco, Aldi, Lidl and other foreign owned supermarkets adds low paying jobs but they and their interminable Trans Pride parades are of no net benefit to either Ireland or the Irish, who Martin and his ramshackle government have brought back to being a ramshackle nation of semi-literate beggars.

Next consider the recently passed U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). One telling aspect of that legislation is to provide high subsidies for electric vehicles (EV) made in the U.S., while there is no subsidy for vehicles made in South Korea, which is amongst the world leaders in that controversial field. Such violations of NATO’s principles of free trade are to keep Uncle Sam in the driver’s seat, to penalize anyone like South Korea who might threaten that hegemony and to hell with tackling inflation or anything else on terms that might discommode the United States or the tens of thousands of tax agents it is arming to further shake down Middle America.

And so, the question arises as to how those of us who survive this ongoing apocalypse can regain the reins of power and build back better or, indeed, build back at all. If we assume that NATO, given it cannot physically occupy them, is playing a containment operation with Iran, Russia and China, then, as NATO undoubtedly knows, salvation can only come from within ourselves and those, like the Syrians, Yemeni and Palestinians, who have suffered these same injustices for much longer and to far greater degrees than we can even begin to imagine.

Although the good nuns who genuinely tend to the poor are to be commended, salvation will not come from them but from those red blooded men and women, who can organize, educate and agitate as their forefathers did during the Penal Laws era when the British Army and their Anglican cultists treated the Irish aboriginals, who plotted for revenge at their Mass Rocks, far worse than animals.

Because NATO’s intelligence agencies know all this, they are determined to obliterate all real or potential disrupters, along with their organizational hubs, to their business plans. Witness not only the hate campaigns against all Russians, Iranians and Chinese but the outsourcing of censorship to Facebook and similarly tainted bodies. Witness how Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, Extinction Rebellion, ANTIFA and NATO’s other assets are allowed break NATO’s laws at will and how Australian, Russian and German journalists are today’s crucified Christs.

Just as the old refrain was what is good for General Motors is good for America, so also is it with NATO’s new jingle that substitutes Bill Gates for General Motors. But, though Bill Gates may be good for America, he is not good for Americans, or at least those Americans who do not want to subsist on a mouse’s diet of worms and cockroaches. I don’t know much about Bill Gates, except for the fact that he was so embroiled in Jeffrey Epstein’s Orgy Island escapades that his wife fled in utter revulsion from him.

Whatever about you, I don’t want any friend of Jeffrey Epstein advising me, or anyone else for that matter, that I should eat cockroaches, slugs and worms. And nor do I want any of the politicians who are in hock to NATO, the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates advising me on what I can subsist on because, to me at least, they, rather than the honest farmers of Belgium, Holland, Germany and flood ravished Pakistan are the problem and not the solution.

The problem then is how to break free from NATO, the World Economic Forum and their legions of paid apologists and enforcers. The first step is to say Non Serviam, I will not serve, to think globally but to network locally so as to build an alliance of like minded souls, who are in heart and conscience free. The second and no less harder step is to channel protests sweeping Spain, Italy, Puerto Rico, Moldova, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Czech Republic into an organizational vector that will upend NATO’s oppression.

But that is easier said than done as NATO and its allies have all sources of power either bullied or bribed into submission. Under their system, all we can do is go cap in hand like a beggar to one of their power broking politicians or their media influencers and hope against hope that they will improve matters and turn our rotting pumpkins into gleaming carriages.

But that, Cindarella, is not how NATO works. Because NATO no longer needs us, the World Economic Forum excludes us and would gladly help us shuffle off this mortal coil so that they could grab our assets. As we ugly sisters are not amongst their stakeholders, we must be like Lazarus of old and beg for scraps of maggot and snail at their feet rather than plot on how to upend and then turn the tables on NATO, the World Economic Forum, Gates, that von der Leyen block head and all others who serve them.

If night is darkest just before the dawn, then better times may yet lie ahead for us and, indeed, for those worms Gates expects us to nibble on. There is, like one of Sheridan Le Fanu’s novels, a specter currently haunting Europe and it is not the Manichean specter of Communism but, rather, the specter of tens of millions of protesters calling time on Macron, Martin, Truss, von der Leyen and the other nobodies the United States uses to ravish Europe.

But that, as they say, is food for another day. For now, we must spit our dummies and spit out the worms and other fare Gates’ media are weaning us on. We will not serve and we sure as hell will not choke on worms and maggot pie as we freeze in the dark.

By Declan Hayes Via