New Research Shows Strange Bodily Phenomenon Beginning In 2020

Embalmers around the country are reportedly finding staggering increases in the number of corpses presenting with “fibrous” clots post-mortem.

Alabama funeral director Richard Hirschman told The Epoch Times that, prior to 2020, he found these clots in around 5% to 10% of the bodies he embalmed. This number has since increased to between 50% and 70%, Hirschman said. According to results from a lab in Texas, clots lack a number of key health markers for human blood, including iron, potassium, zinc, and magnesium. This suggests that the clots were not formed in blood, but further research is needed to identify the root cause and origin of these clots in bodies, The Epoch Times continued.

“It wasn’t until May or June of last year that I started to say, ‘something is really different about the blood’ and then later in September, I took my first picture [of one of the clots], since I couldn’t come out with just one piece of evidence because what if it’s just a fluke?” Hirschmann told 1819 News, and reiterated similar sentiments to The Epoch Times. “Now, I have been gathering evidence and I have pictures of over 100 cases. And it’s not stopping. It’s not slowing down.”


The clots range in size and are long, worm-like and can stretch from a few inches to several feet long, according to The Epoch Times. Preliminary research suggests that the clots are predominantly made of protein cells, and that the production of the clots is brought about by spike proteins in the body, according to statements made to the outlet.

A number of embalmers spoke with The Epoch Times, including Wallace Hooker, who suggested that less skilled embalmers might not find the clots while draining the body of blood.

Hooker told the outlet that the growth in Sudden Adult Death Syndrome could have some relation to these clots. A number of athletes and active individuals have died prematurely in the last two years, and even celebrities have spoken out after suffering but surviving blood clots.

While some of the embalmers were quick to note there could be a relation between the clots, COVID-19 and/or the COVID-19 vaccines, most suggested this as a cause without having conducted the necessary scientific investigation to confirm their hypothesis, according to The Epoch Times.