Solomon Islands Bans US Navy Ships From Entry

Earlier, the authorities of Guadalcanal, one of the islands in the Solomon Islands, denied a port call from US Coastguard cutter the Oliver Henry.
On Tuesday, the US Embassy in Canberra said the Solomon Islands government had told the United States it would place a moratorium on all naval visits.
“On August 29, the United States received formal notification from the Government of Solomon Islands regarding a moratorium on all naval visits, pending updates in protocol procedures,” the embassy said in a statement.
Last week, US Coast Guard vessel the Oliver Henry was unable to enter the Solomon Islands, as the government denied a request for the possibility to refuel and resupply. The ship was patrolling the South Pacific. The Oliver Henry was diverted to Papua New Guinea to refuel and resupply, according to Coast Guard officials.
Simultaneously with the US vessel, British patrol ship the Spey was also refused entry to the port. Relations between the countries became more complicated after a security agreement was signed between the Solomon Islands and China in April 2022. The US and Australia fear that Beijing could establish a naval base in the Solomon Islands. In turn, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has denied having any intentions to set up a military base on the islands.