“We’ve made some mistakes, but NOW you can trust us!” — Dr. Rochelle Walensky

The ridiculous requirements to get the new vaccine

One of my readers, Douglas, just wrote me the following email after reading this excellent substack article by Jordan Schachtel on the requirements for the new jab:

It is getting dumber and dumber.

First of all, there is no scientific basis to require vaccination with the prior shot first.  Not to mention, the new one is bi-valent (for some reason I still don’t understand why it is important to still include the Wuhan strain, to me it seems irrelevant and dangerous), so already replicates the prior shot to some degree (still no specificity as to how much of each is in the new shot).

Secondarily, just stupid, as if someone who didn’t get the original vaxx is going to be desperate for the new one, and will fall for the bribery.

Yup. Exactly right. It is stupid. Science doesn’t matter. There is absolutely zero scientific basis for this requirement. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Perhaps they are testing to see how much nonsense they can get away with? Have you seen any mainstream docs on Twitter call out this requirement as nonsensical?

On the bright side, this could be a benefit as it may keep people from getting the latest shot! We’ll see just how dumb people are.

Want to know what’s in the vaccines? It’s a secret. But you can trust the government because they don’t know either. They don’t even want to look!

Another reader asked me what is in the vaccines.

The answer is your government does not want anyone to know that.

That’s why they don’t publish any data on what is in the vials.

When they field test the vaccines and do gene sequencing on them on a random sampling basis, do you know what they find? Of course you don’t!

That has to be kept hidden from the public because if you knew, nobody would take the shot. Get it? Why else would they hide it?

And the blue-pilled mainstream media eats this up. Have you ever read any article in any mainstream paper calling for this information? No way! It’s not going to happen.

Why people believe the narrative

It’s all been very successful because our government pays the mainstream media (and medical organizations) to push the vaccine and they encourage the medical boards to intimidate the doctors so they don’t speak out. This works great.

Even Fox News is bought off. I offered all my data on deaths and injuries for Fox to verify: no interest.

Doctors are speaking out, but only anonymously to avoid retribution such as the podiatrist that Wayne Root wrote about.

The mainstream media ignores this of course.

But what if we “level up” our game by using law firms to conceal the identity of the doctors who want to speak out?

Just now I left a voicemail for a very well known, respected law firm.

What if all these doctors, medical technicians, etc. could all become clients for a $1 retainer? We then have attorney-client privilege and a way for them to tell their full story to a bunch of attorneys who can verify the stories and relay the information to the public in a way that is trustable and does not compromise the identity of the whistleblowers.

Since attorneys are officers of the court, they can’t lie or they risk being disbarred. When you have all the top members of multiple law firms saying these people are telling the truth, it should shift the burden on the CDC to explain hundreds of anecdotes which are simply impossible to explain if the vaccines are safe.

Even a single anecdote can have 1 in a million odds or better (such as Wayne’s wedding or the podiatrist’s observations of greater morbidity after the jab in 80% of his patients). When you have tens or even hundreds of these “black swan events,” even the most blue-pilled people in the world should start to have doubts that they’ve been told the truth by the government.

That’s my latest idea. What do you think?

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