The Next Generation Says Good-Bye to Ursula von der Leyen’s Europe

Driving back to my office one September evening last year, I stopped to snap a shot of this enormous poster adorning the side of the EU Berlaymont building. (See photo). 

At first sight, I thought it was announcing a dystopian future of European children receiving some kind up “upgrade” every year from the profusely touted experimental genetic products developed by companies like BioNTech with swathes of money flowing in from dual-use bio-warfare programs scattered around the globe and augmented by bio-interconnectivity fanatics supported by actors who tend to cluster around organizations like the World Economic Forum.

It turned out to be a public announcement of an ambitious project, +/- 820 billion Euros that the EU is borrowing over a long period (starting end of May 2020), to help compensate for the enormous losses European citizens had endured during the covid season that started in March 2020.

No doubt it will be reimbursed to players on the international financial markets like BlackRock or Vanguard by Europeans paying taxes, including future carbon emission taxes and the hypothetical gains of deploying 5G and linking all of Europe into cyber-clouds of information to the glee of big tech like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple (GAFA).

But my first gut feeling was unfortunately a prescient hint of what was in the pipeline of horrible developments we all need to put an URGENT end to.  This will  be the task of our Next Generation of Europeans, and you can read the writing on the wall by listening to this 11-year-old girl in the UK.


On December 1, 2021, three weeks after European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen got back from her meeting at The Atlantic Council in Washington, where she charmed Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla by giving him the “Distinguished Business Leadership Award” for the Greek-American Veterinarian’s bold moves that led to his company’s massive financial success (which her husband also profits from) – she expressed her relief at Pfizer-BioNTech having paediatric doses of the new experimental genetic product to inject into Europe’s 5 to 12 year-olds by mid-December ’21.

Ever since, I’ve been unable to come to terms with how this mother of 7 children, a former General Practitioner, could sink into public-office corruption so deeply that she lost all track of her well-trained doctor’s ingrained oath to do no harm, and proceeded to promote experimental genetic injections of innocent children to the benefit of her friends in the political and business world.

I was surprised to find out that she lives in a flat adjacent to her official office situated in one of the top floors of that pictured Berlaymont building during the week. More recently she has been seen around the Brussels institutions loudly supporting President Volodymyr Zelensky’s insistent and vociferous demands to help arm Western Ukrainians during a hot civil war against the Eastern Russian-speaking minority supported by Russia.  On February 24th, Russia initiated a special military operation aimed primarily at militarily neutralizing Western Ukraine that was gearing up for a more full-fledged attack on the Russian-speaking East. The second stated goal of this operation was to “denazify” the Ukraine. Though not an issue commonly encountered in Europe, Ukraine’s history is littered with Stepan Bandera followers whose animosity towards the Russians is legendary.

US Career Ambassador Victoria Nuland explained in 2014 that the US had gifted $5 billion over the preceding two decades to help the Ukraine join the Atlantic block.  It is conceivable that a large chunk of this kind of money came out coffers like the “Black Eagle Trust”, an American political action fund set up under President Truman to fight communism. Apart from corrupting political processes in favour of US (politician) friendly outcomes, this type of fund also distributes hard currency and gold to Gladio type NATO secret armies. In (Western) Ukraine, money can have flowed to strengthening an inherent strongly nationalistic perception of itself, and, via certain oligarchs, funding an array of Nazi ideology inspired fighting groups (more than thirty so-called volunteer battalions like Aidar and Azov).

When it comes to the former USSR republic with whom the country used to be fully integrated, the Russians may understandably wish to discourage a Stepan Bandera type uprising as this movement is neither good for democracy in the Ukraine nor fruitful for maintaining good neighbourly relations with its (often Russian speaking) Ukrainian brothers and sisters. Prior to the US backed Maidan uprising of 2014, 70% of Ukraine’s economic exchange was with Russia, and most Ukrainian soldiers had a solidary sentiment for their Russian comrades.  (A recent video interviews the motivations of the soldiers who joined the Azov “Warriors of Light”, watch below)


Before Mrs Ursula von der Leyen literally moved into the Berlaymont Building, I remember seeing the announcement of a big event that also adorned the building: the European Union had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for six decades of advancement of peace, reconciliation, democracy, and human rights in Europe ten years prior, in October of 2012.

Ukraine in the EU and NATO? The Two Europes

Many of my patients work in the European Union, and while they took great pride in that prestigious prize at the time, they feel very differently about the current President of the EU.

After 60 years of advancement on peace, reconciliation, democracy and human rights, Ursula von der Leyen’s gung-ho stance on the US-installed “post-Maidan” Nazi-supported Ukrainian government was a bad slip for Europe.  It is self-evident that Europe should have been much more pro-active and protective of the Minsk agreements, rather than arming Ukraine to the teeth, and to encourage them (especially their Nazi friendly elements) to take back the rebellious Lugansk, Donbas and Crimea regions.  Ursula von der Leyen and Josep Borell have both declared that Ukraine’s war against “the Russian invaders” is Europe’s war. In who’s name are they speaking? For Europe or for NATO?  Is that the same? In any case, they do not represent my choice of representatives, and certainly not the next generation of EU citizens.

In essence, Russia is an Eastern neighbour that Europe has every good reason to stay on good terms with, but with NATO being controlled from Washington, Europe has been gradually goaded into creating its own Iron Curtain to separate itself from its Eastern neighbour. In so doing, it sabotaged its access to one of the most exciting expanding economic markets of the coming decades.

The EU’s support of the Zelensky regime will only prolong the war in Ukraine. Approximately 50,000 young Ukrainians soldiers have died since February 24th, 2022, and many more have been maimed or are suffering from PTSD.

Where are the European peace-brokers, these Nobel-Prize-winning leaders in the advancement of peace, reconciliation, democracy and human rights?

The Ukraine war of 2014-2022 could have been avoided had Europe been more careful not to let Washington and London stir the pot.  Awarding itself the Nobel Peace Prize gave off a false sense of wisdom and security. To this day, no wise leader has stood up for the true interests of Europe – which, as Olof Palme or Charles De Gaulle would have pointed out, are not necessarily in line with US interests. Today’s generation, including the current bungling President of the EU, has not only missed many important opportunities for reconciliation with its critically important eastern neighbour but has managed to burn its bridges to the future powerhouse of its economy. We will soon be the ones begging for a chance to re-establish a buoyant economy, but there are no easy or fast solutions to reverse the course after so much harm has been done.

Together with our next generation, we will have ample time to reflect on what we did wrong.  We must commence this process urgently.

The head of the European Union delivering a prize from “The Atlantic Council” in Washington should ring alarm bells as to what geo-political territory we are on. Giving it to a personal acquaintance after placing a multibillion-dollar order with his company using European taxpayers’ money, should raise the alert level to red. It’s entirely possible that Mrs Ursula von der Leyen’s intentions were authentic, aiming to secure what she believed were somewhat effective vaccines for the European market. She may also consider digital-covid certificates to be a wonderful invention leading to financial streamlining, with long-term economic benefits for Europe as the World Economic Forum would have her believe.

The trouble is that it is we Europeans who are paying the price – not only with our tax money, but more worrisomely with our personal bodily integrity and our collective health.

Furthermore, the planned cashless and QR-code-embedded society would strip Europeans of any physical autonomy while subjecting them to information technology algorithms (GAFA!) and 5G dependent accessories like mobile phones and computers.

Though she perhaps doesn’t know it, the EU President is selling off European citizens like a herd of cattle while the World Bank chucks in a good billion Euros ensuring the Digital ID with your “bio-security” up-grades against newly found or invented bioweapons will be required to do your shopping. Ursula von der Leyen appears to believe the propaganda that the purveyors of Digital Access to her citizens, like the sales slogan of Pfizer “Science Will Win”, but no one is taking responsibility for what happens to the physical and mental health of the individuals in her herd who, no doubt, have a totally different concept of what benefits best their own health and wellbeing.

Nowhere can you see her dangerously delusional behaviour more clearly than when this medical doctor-turned-politician cries out that she is relieved that the (experimental gene-therapy) shots from Pfizer are finally available for 5-year-old toddlers.

These last covid-years have shown us the kind of society our next generation will rightfully reject:

  • Bodily harm from unsafe medicines: all of the agencies and medical ethics institutions that were silent while the purveyors of the covid “scamdemic” played out their “expertise” should be carefully audited from top to bottom to make sure they never again allow anything as toxic as these often-mandated mRNA shots, and the economically suicidal “Lock-Downs”.
  • Pharmaceutical companies whose business model consists of making dangerous diseases and then making millions purporting to protect us from the bio-toxic agents they themselves hold patents on. (For example: Moderna, which had never made an approved vaccine in its history, developed its covid shot based on a patent it already held on the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in 2016).
  • Non doctors who insist they know better than you do about your personal health. Take the French billionaire CEO of Moderna, Stéphane Bancel, who recently said he expected his “vaccines” to be offered like yearly “up-grades” on iPhones. Bancel, of course, is not a doctor, as is true of the other expert on “up-grades”, the computer nerd turned worldwide vaccination “expert” Bill Gates.  The head of the World Health Organization who likes to call himself Doctor Tedros is not a physician either. Mr Tedros Adhanon Ghebreyesus is a former member of a guerrilla organization who got promoted to the top “medical” position of the World as a result of having been the protégé of a computer nerd – the very same Bill Gates who decided that the whole world needed to be vaccinated because it benefits his philanthropist business and the stake holders, he promised money and information access to.
  • World Economic Forum trained politicians who have manipulated the masses into paying the “Stake Holders” pawns of the WEF, of which there are many. A People’s Court Nuremburg-2 trial has been set in motion by attorney Reiner Füllmich to publicly document the WEF’s crimes against humanity, such as criminally mandating experimental genetic treatments without sufficient safety or efficacy data against a virus that has undergone lethal and illegal “Gain of Function” enhancement for emergence into the human population. (See the March 2016 article by University of North Carolina Chapel Hill PhD Microbiologist Ralph S Baric “SARS-like WIV1-CoV poised for human emergence”).
  • Other politicians, who have a track record of corruption within their political career, or who pushed for clearly totalitarian and unfounded measures during the covid period to spread fear and punish citizens who did not want to take the so-called ‘safe and effective’ anti-covid shots.
  • Just as German civil servants are warned not to use Facebook and Gmail as this information is filtered by the US NSA, all European citizens should follow suit and be very wary of everything that could be compromised by Big Tech.

The majority of Swedes communicate by Facebook every day, and Facebook censors and manipulates its pages according to geo-political algorithms that the Atlantic Council approves. When citizens’ spontaneous conversations get tweaked in this dictated way, and Reuters and AFP only send out the news that its owners and diverse “stakeholders” want you to hear, it becomes child’s play to influence the collective consciousness of the Swedes who, after a long history of a surprisingly benevolent democracy, do not realize that their governmental institutions are being compromised.

When you look at Sweden’s citizens wanting to join NATO, a collective ‘defence’ pact that has recently participated in several wars of choice after Article 5 was set into effect based on the unproven claim that Al Qaeda attacked the U.S. on 9/11, one has to wonder what would make that country give up its long-standing principles of non-alignment and neutrality.  Sweden’s NATO member neighbour Denmark went 200 years without war before Sept. 11th 2001.  Trying hard to live up to its NATO obligations, Denmark lost, per capita, more soldiers in the scandalous and unnecessary post-9/11 “wars on terror” than the US lost in the entire Vietnam War.

  • The media that hyped the covid fear, and made sure to censor any news of effective treatment against it – except those “efficient and safe” “preventions” that the government and Big Pharma told them to glorify.
  • This is the same media that pushes only the Western Atlanticist version of the war in the Ukraine, while those journalists accurately reporting on war crimes from the Donbas are criminalised* by European governments, and all Russian channels, as well as the official Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, have been silenced throughout Europe. How can European citizens become informed in this type of biased and controlled media environment?  (*See Max Blumenthal interview of German freelance journalist Alina Lipp July 13th 2022)
  • As the 21st Anniversary of the 9/11’s State Crime Against Democracy (SCAD) draws near, we must remind our European youth that the West has still not seriously investigated the killing of 3,000 citizens in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania on Sept 11th 2001.

Since the real criminals have so far gotten away with such a heinous SCAD, they and the media that assisted them in the cover up will be emboldened to do further harm if we do not collectively decide to expose the obvious lies that they keep perpetuating regarding these events. We will need some kind of ‘Truth and Reconciliation Commission’ to free ourselves, as a people, from the overflowing septic tank of lies that keeps Europeans beholden to a false picture of reality, making common sense and truthful discourse a quasi-impossibility.

  • No self-respecting engineer or University academic should accept the blatant impossibility that Atlantic Council member Philipp Zelikov penned in the Report of the 9/11 Commission he headed — that two planes brought down three steel-framed skyscrapers on Sept. 11th. [1]
  • No Medical University would allow experimental genetic treatments to be pushed on its students or population of childbearing age in the future. Any University or medical institution that has done so needs to be thoroughly scrutinized, to ensure that this never happens again.

The avalanche of totalitarian absurdities we have been forced to live through during these last two covid years have the silver lining that people are awakening to the fact that there is something rotten under the roof of that Berlaymont building, and these absurdities have only been possible due to the heavy hand of the GAFA (Google Amazon Facebook Apple type Big Tech) and the media that follow a corrupt elite’s chosen doxa to influence how we see reality.

  • Also, the absence of a true forensic criminal investigation into the massive 9/11 State Crimes Against Democracy 21 years ago has still today a weakening effect on the European people’s capacity to think clearly, and to make decisions based on reality and common sense.

Let us together warmly welcome this Next Generation Europe. After such a close call with totalitarianism of the past, let us resurrect the Europe we used to know and cherish.

To do this, we will need to clear away the nefarious influences, misconceptions and outright lies that had rendered the present European generation unable to make the best decisions for our own Future.

Next Generation Europe, HERE WE COME!!

By Dr. Eric Beeth Via