Ukraine Receives Access to ICEYE’s Synthetic Aperture Radar Image on Crimean Bridge Connecting Russia

Ukraine is getting a massive boost in its military and government needs, especially with a pledge from ICEYE’s synthetic aperture radar image on a critical location. The company would provide an image regarding the Crimean Bridge, a strategic look at what connects Mainland Russia to Crimea, where significant military operations recently took place. 

ICEYE announced via its press release that it is providing Ukraine with access to its significant technology, something that would help in expanding its intel on the Crimea Bridge. It is one of the many access that Ukraine received from the company, which is also providing access to its SAR (synthetic aperture radar) satellite operations. 

Ukraine is to receive this technology via the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation which ICEYE is partnering in turning over its systems for the country. 

The Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation is a known organization that aims to provide humanitarian aid, as well as provide the country with drones and military equipment for its needs. The contract with ICEYE will help the Ukrainian Armed Forces in their needs for advancements in their systems for Earth observation data. 

Strategic Image of Ukraine’s Operations

The Prytula Charity Foundation also announced how the initial satellite imaging would help, something that would greatly benefit Ukraine in their needs for data and information. Crimea is a country in the southern part of Ukraine recognized by international entities, but Russia is known to establish it as part of its republic which has significant military bases there as well. 

Ukraine’s Help from the World

Earlier this year, the massive conflict that shook the world in its healing from COVID-19 brought another problem for all, as the Russia-Ukraine dissension erupted with attacks against the Eastern Europe country. Initially, there were blames regarding Russia’s part in DDoS cyberattacks that it allegedly launched against Ukraine that helped ignite the tension. 

Ukraine significantly saw massive attacks from Russia that crippled its government and different operations, with the world extending its hand for “the borderland.” The United States initially gave Ukraine help alongside the overpouring bans on Russia by public and private companies present in the world. 

Now, the conflict grew to a massive degree, almost taking up the entire first half of the year with the problem still something that people see. 

There is still help to come to Ukraine now, and different companies are still extending their hand in helping the country get back on its feet, to fight and defend against the many attacks launched against them before. ICEYE’s systems and imaging aim to help get more information on the Crimean bridge, a crucial location for Russia. 

By Isaiah Richard Via