There Is No Survaillance

People are freaked out that their smart phones, smart appliances, and even their cars act as informers for their globalist governments.

Yet they don’t know even half of it.

This is not surveillance; it’s data collection:


Predictive surveillance already openly exists


Of course, the data can be used against anyone later as needed, but chances are, there will be no need for human intervention for the globalists to achieve full control. In their book, 95% of humans are already dead; the victims just don’t know it yet.

Based on the fact that in the last two years, every single step the technocrats have made worked out perfectly, the data collection goes into a “super AI” (quantum nanocomputer that was 12k faster than “supercomputers” already 10 years ago) that is running a self-improving algorithm in a worldwide simulation. Its operators have no idea what the machine is doing, but they have learnt a couple of years ago that following the AI’s “advice” works. (There have also been a number of test runs with Zika, Ebola, the “swine flu,” and the like, and there are parallel endeavors like hemorrhaging fever and “monkeypox.)

Chances are that the families and interest groups that will eventually compete with each other for global control are all running such simulations, but only the central one is known to all of them, because at this stage, they are still cooperating. Once full control is established and they divided up the spoils, they will use their own R&D for turning on each other because they know they cannot be trusted and only One can rule. Gibson’s book from 1984, Neuromancer, is describing such a world, save the constant injections…

The program is becoming foolproof and there are only two chances for failure in the long run:

1.     The enforcers realize that they will be killed, too; this would have to happen fast, because time is running out with only minutes left of the hour;

2.     The globalists fall for the temptation of taking over the programming from the machine, which is quite likely, because they have always thought too much of themselves. However, this will be their last mistake, because their replacing the AI control with humans who are prone to failure will inevitably result in their own demise. By then, most humans will be dying, dead, or turned into remote-controlled cyborg slaves.

Humanity on tiny, remote islands, in uncrossable mountains, and inaccessible rainforests will have a new start, but the story always seems to default to the same end. After all, “insanity means doing the same thing and expecting different results.”