New systematic review claims masks work. No way.

There is a new systematic review of 1732 mask studies to determine whether masks work. It is on a preprint server meaning it is not peer-reviewed.

Almost all of the 1732 potential studies were eliminated so they only looked at 13 studies with a total of 243 COVID infections between the two groups.

One of the 13 studies that was not eliminated was done in 2004 which is impressive since SARS-CoV-2 didn’t exist at the time.

From that, they conclude that masks provide nearly a 90% risk reduction of getting infected.

That is preposterous.

Masks have never had any measurable effect at all in any large well done study. I’m happy to bet anyone $1M who disagrees.

But the German Federal Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach had this to say about the study (translated from German):

For everyone who is still unsure whether masks protect against COVID: here is a new American mega study that evaluates over 1,700 studies. The benefit of the masks is very large, undisputed and applies to many areas.

Wow. He should resign. If he doesn’t, he should be fired for promoting such nonsense.

Want to see how well masks work in Germany?

Check out how much better N95’s are compared to surgical masks:

That’s right. Anyone with a working brain can see N95 masks are not effective at all. There is no measurable difference!