Who’s to Blame for Today’s Existential Crisis… Corrupt Elites, the Masses or Both?

This week, I was invited to chat with Joseph Arthur on TNT Radio’s Technicolor Dreamcast.

It was a fairly wide ranging conversation, and a little difficult to describe, although if I had to, then I would say that the show was about stupidity and its cures.

It is often easy to blame those in power for the ills that befall humanity, and certainly a great responsibility for our problems rests with these self-professed elites that have worked hard to steer humanity towards a cliff.

But doing this tends to turn people into whiny victims while missing a fundamental principle of causation since a large measure of consent was given to this transfer of power which has been occuring slowly over the course of many decades.

Joseph and I discussed the dynamics surrounding the murder of JFK and the takeover of the government during the 1960s. We discussed at length how the general population embraced a new age of corruption, hedonism, and post-truth sophistry from that moment onward which induced a psycho-spiritual rot that has now brought us to a point of existential crisis.

We also talked about the role of Putin, Xi Jinping, and what is really going on in Ukraine and Taiwan.

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