They are desperately trying to make you believe the virus came from nature. No way.

Executive summary

Two studies were just published in a peer-reviewed journal on the same day:

  1. Spatial study: The Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan was the early epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Genomic study: The molecular epidemiology of multiple zoonotic origins of SARS-CoV-2

Their conclusion: SARS-CoV-2 came out of nature

My conclusion: it definitely was a lab leak.


Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Kristian Andersen is an author of both papers. What a coincidence! He was on the original call with Fauci after the breakout and participated in the cover up to make it look like it came from nature.
  2. Kristian Andersen blocked Chris Martenson and then deleted all his tweets after Chris Martenson called him out. Is that how science works?
  3. Andersen initially told Fauci the virus was man made in an email on Feb 1, 2022 that you can see right here (at 19:00). He said it was inconsistent with evolutionary theory. Then there are redactions to the FOIA emails and then a week later, there is a paper on how the virus came from nature. Pretty hard to cover that one up. Chris Martenson did a great series on this. It’s really hard to believe this wasn’t from a lab if you take the time to watch Chris’s video. It is awesome. If you are short on time, watch from 19:00 for at least 2 minutes. It’s one of my favorite Chris Martenson videos ever and it is the best 2 minutes you’ll ever spend if you are wondering where the virus came from.
    The email where the virus was determined to be man-made by Kristian Andersen’s team (see 19:00). But a week later, it was of natural origin!!!
  4. Why now? Why didn’t we have this before? And the papers came out at the exact same day 2.5 years later? Just a coincidence. Sounds like a coordinated PR plan to me.
  5. How do we know the Chinese government didn’t manipulate the data on spread?
  6. Why did the Chinese government allow the data to be released all of a sudden?
  7. Li-Meng Yan said the virus was deliberately released from the lab. So how do we know they didn’t release it at the wet market to make it LOOK like it jumped from animals? It’s the perfect cover story. And all the cases reported would be consistent with a wet market origin since that is where it was released. The perfect crime.
  8. Why is there no explanation in the genomic study for the furin cleavage site (FCS) origin? It isn’t even mentioned. How could you not mention this at all? This is the smoking gun of gain of function (GoF) research. The FCS cannot be created in nature. So how do they explain it? They don’t! They completely side-stepped even mentioning it in the paper. WTF?!? But I guarantee you Kristian Andersen knows all about the FCS. Not mentioning it at all is a tacit admission that they cannot explain it. The problem they have is the FCS is a 19 nt sequence that is ONLY found in a 2015 Moderna patent. Now what do you think that the chances of a man-made sequence only found in a 2015 patent from the company charged with making a vaccine to the SAME virus and sequence just happens to match the genetic sequence that RANDOMLY was generated in nature? It is zero.
  9. There is nothing in the paper explaining why Kristian Andersen’s team rejected the man-made argument. They went from man-made to evolution in just 3 days without any data changing (watch the video for 2 minutes starting at 19:00)! Of course, there’s a reason for that. The reason is because Fauci asked him change the conclusion. The truth wouldn’t be appropriate to publish in a paper.
  10. What did Moderna say when asked about the FCS matching their 2015 patent application? They said, “Our scientists are looking into it.” Does the press ever follow up on that to see how it’s going? Of course not!
  11. Isn’t it a little too coincidental that Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) was working on GOF research on bat coronaviruses? FCS found in the virus would be consistent with that.
  12. The CEO of Moderna – Bancel – was also the ex-CEO of the company bioMerieux which helped build the Wuhan virology lab. What a coincidence that the 19 nt sequence from the Moderna patent ends up popping up just 11 miles from the lab that Bancel built. It has to be the greatest coincidence in human history.
  13. Comedian John Stewart figured this stuff out a year ago; why can’t Kristian Andersen? The official name of the lab isn’t what Stewart said, but people in China do call it the Coronavirus Research Lab in Wuhan (I checked with Li-Meng Yan).
  14. It’s fundamentally a bat virus, but bats aren’t sold at that market. Why
  15. There is a public paper trail including grant applications and very similar prior art in the public domain for GoF. If this didn’t come from a lab, it is the greatest coincidence of all time.
  16. If it originated in November 17 in Wuhan, then why were so many cases apparently discovered before that time?
  17. I sent Kristian an email asking if he was interested in entering a contest on debating the origin of the virus where he could win $1M. If he doesn’t reply, we’ll know he’s not very confident.
  18. How is is impossible that the origin of the virus is really the WIV (just 10 miles from the wet market) but it was released at the wet market to create a cover story. What is it about the genome that shows that it couldn’t have come from a lab? Kinda silent on that one. Why couldn’t the lab have made the genome to make it look like it came from animals?
  19. One explanation is that that lab workers took the animals from the Wuhan lab that were being disposed of and sold them in the Wuhan wet market for extra cash. Someone who lived in the area wrote a paper on this. Why was this possibility discarded?
  20. Look how close the wet market is to WIV and WIV: right across Yangtze river. It would be way too suspicious if released TOO close to the lab. Li-Meng said that they deliberately released it into the public so doing it at a wet market nearby, but not adjacent, provides the perfect cover story.

Do you want to know the reason it couldn’t have come from the lab? It’s because they have tight controls! Check this out (from Wuhan lab says there’s no way coronavirus originated there. Here’s the science):

Just today (April 18), the vice director of WIV Zhiming Yuan CGTN(opens in new tab), the Chinese state broadcaster, said “there is no way this virus came from us,” NBC News reported(opens in new tab). “We have a strict regulatory regime and code of conduct of research, so we are confident.”

(sarcasm on) Sure. That’s PROOF. There is no need to release the genetic sequences because the lab says they have a strict regulatory regime. Releasing the genome is completely unnecessary! No reason for the WHO committee to visit the lab. After all, if you can’t trust the WIV, who can you trust? (sarcasm off)

But this paragraph is critically important (pay attention to the part in bold):

WIV was not immune to those concerns. In 2018, after scientist diplomats from the U.S. embassy in Beijing visited the WIV, they were so concerned by the lack of safety and management at the lab that the diplomats sent two official warnings back to the U.S. One of the official cables, obtained by The Washington Post, suggested that the lab’s work on bat coronaviruses with the potential for human transmission could risk causing a new SARS-like pandemic, Post columnist Josh Rogin wrote.

They were ordered to release it nearby so it could be “tested” to see if it worked. What better place than a food store that everyone visits.

And when the WHO scientists charged with investigating the leak wanted to access the WIV facilities to verify it didn’t come from the lab and get the genomic sequences of what the lab was working on, do you think they were invited with open arms and full access? No way.

The gene sequences are missing!

If Kristian Andersen were an honest scientist, he’d eliminate the WIV as a source by getting the genomic sequences of the coronaviruses that they were working on there.

Have you ever seen the genomic sequences of the coronaviruses being studied at WIV? I haven’t. You cannot find them it seems.

Wanna know why? It’s because the NIH deleted them from public access!

Check out this article: NIH Deleted Info From Wuhan Lab On Covid-19 Genetic Sequencing, Watchdog FOIA Finds

Why were they deleted? Well, because the Chinese asked them to, of course!

How convenient is that?

The data is still at NIH, but it is not publicly accessible.

Democrats in Congress don’t want to ask the NIH to release the data.

The reason is simple: it would show that the leak came from WIV. And that then leads back to the US government. That’s why the Democrats will not ask for the data: they don’t want any of to learn the truth.

Robert Malone isn’t buying it

Robert Malone isn’t buying the cover story.

Chris Martenson isn’t either

Chris responded to my email. Let’s just say that Chris was as unimpressed as I was. Here’s my paraphrase of the “essence” of what he told me.

It’s all the same cast of shithead virologists.  The conflicts of interest are legendary, the same ones one in Fauci’s redacted emails are all over this publication, they never did ANY sequencing or genetics at all, and the rest, such as it is, is entirely circumstantial.

In short, be really careful what you see in the peer reviewed literature regarding COVID, especially if Kristian Andersen’s name is on the paper.

Please help support his channel. He just got a strike on YouTube so he can’t post for a week. His crime? He cited a paper in the peer reviewed literature. I’m surprised he wasn’t banned for life for that mistake!


I’m not buying the cover story. Neither are Malone or Martenson. And neither should you.

If you disagree with me, let’s settle the issue in front of an expert panel. If you win, you can get $1M. Details here.